Mmmmmm mmmm. Really reminds you of macaroni, and eating macaroni. Yum. (Via reddit.)

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  1. Si prega di non chiamare maccheroni, signore. E ‘la pasta.

  2. I’m supposed to believe that neither of those background dancers can beat box? I mean, the whistling’s cool and all but I need a beat!

  3. “the” macaroni song? a little presumptuous, guy

  4. See, it’s this kind of stuff that makes me kinda want the Robot Uprising to start sooner rather than later.

    • I can’t tell you how annoyed I am that amazon’s drones haven’t started delivering immediately. I ordered something yesterday and it’s STILL not here!!!

      • I am actually really excited about the prospect of drones flying all over the place. Do you think they will ring the doorbell and then instantly fly away, like the UPS people do?

      • I think it’s all part of their plan. If they were IMMEDIATELY noticeably more efficient, then we would have way more time to begin planning our rebellion. This way, they stay adorable and possibly fallible.

        I’m onto you, you sneaky sillybears.

        (…and by, “sillybears,” I of course mean, “future overlords.”)

  5. Very much the Bound 2 of its day. This guy is Shakespeare. Who’ll be his Medici’s?

  6. “Eat your starchy nutrition-less food that’s likely covered in cheese because you can’t stand to throw it out.” This guy is the reason America is fat!

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