Guy Fieri with what is, I guess, a balloon version of Guy Fieri in what looks like a bookstore? His balloon eyes representing sunglasses, but looking more like nightmare bug eyes? Holding I don’t know what? A hot dog? A butt, kind of? Chicken breast? Is that what you’re looking at today? Because that’s the best I’ve got on my end! Just this photo of Guy Fieri with a balloon version of Guy Fieri, a bunch of tumbleweeds, some stuff about how they’re making two 50 Shades of Grey movies, one NC-17 and one R, and some leftover dirty garbage about fake Twitter airplane wars or whatever. Are you asleep? Is everyone asleep? What’s up? Did any celebs go to the grocery store and buy bulk Snapple today, that you know of? Let me know! PLEASE! I AM SNOOZIN FROM ALL THIS LACK OF “NEWZIN.” (Photo via RatsOff!)

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  1. Guy, that is not supposed to be you.

  2. I think Chet Haze is mad about something on twitter again. #captphillips

  3. So Benedict is going to be on the cover of January’s British GQ and was number 5 in Glamour’s sexiest men of 2013? That’s pretty much all I’ve been looking at today…

  4. I was given a box of Toffifee at work today and ate most of it in the car on the drive home and the rest for dinner, so for the past 20 minutes I’ve been looking at the calculator upon which I stupidly calculated how many calories I just ate. Calories completely devoid of any sort of nutritional value. Still, the only thing I regret is that I no longer have any Toffifee.

    In the world of celebrities, didn’t Paul Walker just die? I’ve never seen any of his movies, and could not pick him out of a line up unless all of the other men were very ugly (people keep saying he is handsome) or maybe if everyone else was a woman or not white because all I know about him is that he is a handsome white man. But he is Someone and he just died. So.

  5. I’m not looking at anything now because I’m at work and gotta get shit done, no duh, but I am contemplating watching Robot & Frank tonight. Why did nobody tell me that someone made a movie about an elderly cat burglar and his robot partner in crime?! YOU HAVE ALL FAILED ME TODAY. Honestly, this sounds so perfrect that I’m considering NOT watching it, because it can’t be better than what’s going down in my head.

  6. That balloon is nice, but I think this courtroom artist really captured Guy’s craven despair.

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