“Can I just say ‘anyone handsome?’” David Beckham wonders to himself after being asked the question that every famous non-actor hopes to be asked in a radio interview at some point during his career. “No, no, that won’t do. Hmm. Have any male models transitioned into acting recently? It would have to be a contemporary — I feel like if Hollywood is finally going to make the David Beckham movie it deserves — Bend It Like Beckham didn’t count, of course, that was merely in title alone —  then Hollywood needs to get a jump on it right away. Could I just play myself? No, no. Ah. Choosing a handsome black man might seem odd rather than progressive, I should stay away from that. Arrgh. This is harder than I thought. Ok. Just think, Beckham! Handsome. Who comes to mind first? Just clear your mind, and then say it. Okay. Breathe. Oommmm. Okay. Annnnd…handsome!” From Life & Style:

David Beckham knows exactly who he wants to play him in a movie about his life – Brad Pitt!

Although there’s no film in the works just yet, the legendary soccer player would make a great movie subject. And now that he’s retired, it’s time to start thinking about his legacy, and what better place to start than the silver screen?

In a British radio interview, 38-year-old Becks was asked who he’d cast as himself in a biopic, and he didn’t hesitate to name the dad of six as his dream portrayer. When pressed to come up with a Plan B, though, the athlete added that he’d be cool with either Leonardo DiCaprio or perhaps Bradley Cooper taking on the role. “They’re not bad-looking guys,” he laughed.

“To play me in the super boring movie of my 38-year-old life spent as a very good soccer player, how about 50-year-old Brad Pitt?” COME ON, BECKHAM! THINK, BUDDY! The correct answer was obviously, “How about ask me a real question about selling underwear or whatever it is I must do now and leave the daydreaming to the NOBODIES.” But we would have also accepted Zac Efron. Sorry, Mr. Beckham. Better luck next time! Stay humble about the caliber of actor who might portray you in what I have to imagine would be an intensely uninteresting biopic!

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  1. I thought they already did make a movie about him…

  2. The more important question is who would play Posh Spice???

  3. But we don’t know what Zac’s face looks like since his accident!!! :(

  4. #birdie4beckham

  5. Now I need to watch Bend It Like Beckham again. And again. And a few more times after that.

  6. The important thing in casting Beckham is that the actor can only be good at one aspect of his job.

  7. David Beckham is more handsome than Brad Pitt. I SAID IT.

    You know who I think actually looks a lot like Beckham is Mr. Christian Grey himself, Jamie Dornan, aka the Sheriff from Once Upon a Time aka I’m still pretending he’s not doing 50 Shades of Grey.

    • Have you seen Jamie Dornan in the Fall? He is very good at making you feel attracted to a serial killer and then feeling really uncomfortable about it.

    • Why isn’t he making out with Regina or Emma or Hook? Surely that delightful show is less embarrassing than that stupid movie. Also, last night’s episode was so silly. I guess all of the episodes are so silly.

      I love Regina. I LOVE HER. And I’m pretty sure Charming and Snow should just be renamed the dumb-dumb twins.

  8. Matt Smith is good at soccer (football?)! He can do it.

    Guys, I’m already starting to be sad about how much less Matt Smith will be in my life after the Christmas special.

  9. liam payne from boy band sensation one direction

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