Before we leave to begin our holiday weekends (or our holiday one days, or our holiday no days, but, FINGERS CROSSED, our holiday weekends), let’s take a minute to gather around and tell each other what we’re most grateful for anything that we want. What are you doing for the next few days? What are you making what are you eating WHO ARE YOU WEARING? I’m enjoying my Thanksgiving dinner with Aaron Paul, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kerry Washington, and Jennifer Lawrence, obviously no duh, but that’s just me. Tell me about you! And then let’s all rest up before we head back here, safe and sound, on Monday. See you soon! Have fun! <3

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  1. I was just thinking that ten years ago I was gearing up for my first-ever Peace Corps Thanksgiving, which involved a very bloody goat slaugher (and ruining my only pair of PJs), and a hilarious day of explaining how to prepare Thanksgiving dishes to my neighbors. And it’s a wonderful memory, but I am super thankful that I get to just bake a few things in a kitchen with running water, and that I have running water.

  2. One of my things that I wrote that I mentioned awhile ago has been published! Here it is:

    I’m thankful for that, and peanut butter fudge, which I just ran out of.

  3. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Our condo is too small to “entertain” so we never have to worry about hosting. We are going out to dinner with my dad and to see a movie. It is a simple holiday and that (and also the food) is why I love it.

    I plan to clean on Friday and catch up on bills and whatnot, so I have the rest of the weekend to relax.

    We are hopefully going to kick off some Thanksgiving resolutions next week. We don’t feel like waiting until New Years to start working out, get more sleep, eat healthier, etc.

  4. A Videogum Thanksgiving photoshop is nothing without some banana sweater.

  5. Also, I really love the last day at work before a holiday. Everyone is so NICE. It goes slow, but people are so full of cheer. Even our patrons are being nice.

  6. Today my phone auto-corrected “my aunt Janey” to my “aunt Kanye”.

  7. I’m still riding high on my crushing victory over Chris Trash in fantasy football this week. As you can see, he was VERY soundly defeated. I’m quite proud of this.

  8. I was so happy after two Pearl Jam shows this weekend, then my company suddenly cut healthcare coverage from 100% to 80% and announced they’ll be taking 20% from our paychecks to pay for the rest. Meanwhile everyone in my company (EVERYONE ELSE BUT ME) is getting at least an extra $2,000 per year per dependent — including people who just live with their boyfriends or girlfriends, even if the significant others get healthcare from their own jobs. So I am the only person in the company being hurt by this change, and it’s only because I live alone. Any monster lawyers out there? Or is this actually legal and I’m just fucked?

    • I’m no lawyer, but I feel FAIRLY confident that you can claim discrimination for that. P.S. That’s SUPER SUPER SUPER dumb from your company, even if it does turn out to be legal.

    • I don’t know but I smell a romantic comedy.

    • Also, is this a one-time deal, or do you get the raise with every dependent? Because even if they move out at 18, if you start making babies now and just keep poppin em out on the reg, you could end up with a $48k/year increase by the time they start moving out and growth plateaus. And that’s not even accounting for the possibility of twins or triplets! Have you looked into the procedure that the Octomom used?

    • Do pets count? Can you make up a sig other? There are about 8 quality films on Lifetime/Hallmark right now that cover this theme, especially those themed for the next month or so. Some may involve a rich family and an inheritance but I’m sure they have a lot of solid tips you could use without any issues or repercussions.

      • Man, Lifetime is GREAT at helping you obtain new dependents, huh? And if you ever want to know how to get rid of them, there’s a Flowers In The Attic adaptation coming out soon to help with that.

      • I think my TV should count as a significant other because we spend so much time together.

  9. Ummmm, Kelly. Real talk here girl. Can I come over to that shindig? I mean, you can possibly keep all four of them entertained at once…I can certainly help out with Benedict.

    No big thanksgiving plans here. Just happy to have a few days away from school and a few days to be lazy (or at least 2 days to be lazy. I have 2 books I have to read this weekend).

  10. I finished season 3 of Game of Thrones last night and there has been nothing to do at work today so I have been pretty much just looking at GOT stuff on the internet all day since I don’t have to worry about spoilers anymore.

    Speaking of which, I was so worried that the Red Wedding was going to get spoiled for me but it didn’t, which was nice, but then I saw it and I was like “…that’s what everyone was losing their shit over?” because TBH I was not really into any of those characters in the first place. Not because I didn’t like them but their part of the story was so BORING because it was all about battles and who cares. I mean, the only thing more boring was whatever was going on with Jon Snow at any given moment.

  11. I am about to start cooking and cleaning at montage levels of insanity. MONTAGE LEVELS. But my boss said to take the afternoon off and work a different day since no one is reading emails anyway. I love my job. Also I got a promotion on Monday, so I’m really thankful that I make operations materials instead of fancy entertainment stuff like I used to as I have stability and can telecommute and my coworkers are great. Who knew that selling out to corporate was the least selling out that I’ve ever done? Me, I guess.

    Now to cook and clean like a goddamn maniac. I am making a peanut vegetable stew and garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus for a potluck tomorrow. Yipee.

  12. happy thanksgiving back !!!

  13. You guys, I am SO PUMPED for Thanksgiving! There’s gonna be turkey! There’s gonna be stuffing! There’s gonna be mashed potatoes! There’s gonna be cranberry sauce in the shape of the can! There’s gonna be gluten free pumpkin pie with whipped coconut cream! And there’s gonna be SO MUCH EGGNOG AND CARAMEL WHISKEY!

  14. I’m an auntie! Shes p cute. My stuff finally got here from Seattle this afternoon, so i can stop stealing family members clothing. I’m ready to eat all of the mashed potatoes. I hope everyone has a fun turkey day.

  15. I’ll be heading up the the G.F.s parents’ place, and we… don’t get along super great. I think as long as I don’t get roped into helping to put up their Christmas lights (seriously, a stressful experience for even the healthiest family), I’ll be ok. But then on Sunday I’m doing a Friendsgiving with some people, and I’ll be making twice-baked potatoes!

    You win some, you lose some!

    Speaking of winning some, I put on some Star Trek: The Next Generation the other night while I was doing some other things. I’d never seen it before, but I had the apt to myself and thought it would make good background noise. And, ummmmm, this show is super great and I watched like seven episodes already and I guess I’m a Star Trek guy now?

  16. i am getting over a cold, but i think i can probably still look forward to having a hacking cough for no reason for another month or so, because that’s just sort of what happens whenever i get a cold.

    i have to work tonight and friday, but both are closing shifts during our “extended holiday hours” that no one seems to know about, so the store is basically dead for most of the night.

    tomorrow my family will be doing our traditional thatnksgiving-at-the-beach, which is always fun even though i am a grumpy vampire who hates the beach.

    now i am eating a comically large roast beef sandwich and watching mystery science theater and fidgeting with this stupid design thing that was supposed to be due last week but then when i went to submit it the deadline had been pushed back to the middle of december, so now i’m just going to fret over every little detail of it until the last minute like a real dummy.

    • Upvoting grumpy beach-hating vampirism because those are my people

    • True story- I’m allergic to the ocean which means that I have a built-in excuse for why I have to spend all beach vacations hanging out on the couch and reading all my books. It’s kind of a win-win because I get to do my thing and no one can accuse me of being anti-social. So just start telling people that you’re allergic and they won’t give you shit for being a grumpy vampire.

      • are you allergic to a specific component of the ocean (salt? kelp? CRABS?) or just, like, THE OCEAN?

        • My skin is just weirdly sensitive to the organisms in ocean water, so when I go in the water, I always end up with a rash. I used to get it bad as a kid but I grew out of it, but then I went snorkeling in Thailand a few years ago and ended up looking like some kind of post-apocalyptic bio-warfare victim (hot) and that re-sensitized me again, so I just avoid the water for the most part now. It kinda sucks, because what’s the fun of going to the beach if you can’t swim? You just end up sweaty and with sand in unmentionable places.

  17. I, for one, plan on having pumpkin pie with like 5 or 6 meals while I’m home b/c pecan sucks, duh, plus there’s a pecan shortage DID YOU KNOW?

    • OBVIOUSLY pecan pie sucks. It only exists for spoilsports. Anybody who eats the pecan pie over the pumpkin pie is a spoilsport. THIS IS A FACT. I once went to Thanksgiving at my Grandmother’s house and not only was I the only person who brought a pumpkin pie, I was the only person who ate any of it! I have not had Thanksgiving with any of those assholes since then.

      • Today I made a CHOCOLATE pumpkin pie. There was some extra batter so I put it in a small dish to bake as a tester. It is spectacular. Just need to get some whipped cream.

        • That sounds reeeaaaally good. Perhaps a NUTELLA pumpkin pie is in order?! Also, you should buy a can of coconut milk and put it in the fridge for a day or two. The cream will rise to the top, and you can scoop it out and whip it up for a non-dairy option with a light coconutty flavor.

          • Mmmm that sounds great. I bought some coconut oil the other day and substituted it for the butter in my brownies. Wow was that good. I baked them with some toasted coconut on top.

          • I made Rice Krispy treats recently and I added Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter to the marshmallows and it was delicious and now my goal in life is to put cookie butter in everything I bake.

      • I love pumpkin and I love cinnamon and nutmeg and cloves, and I love pies and everyone says my mom makes the best pumpkin pie in the world… but for some reason I just don’t like pumpkin pie. I loooove the smell! And every year I try a piece in the hopes that this year will be the year that I like pumpkin pie, but no dice so far. Also I love nuts. So pecan pie for me!

  18. I guess I missed the season for it, or whatever, but I decided today that I’m going to go through and watch every movie on the British Board of Film Censorship’s video nasty list. So if anybody else feels like participating, we can make it a family event!

  19. I stopped at target on the way home to get some last-minute food items because I was trying to avoid the grocery store the day before thanksgiving. I came home and started baking the cake and realized we didn’t have any baking soda (2 cans of baking powder though…) so I had to run out to the grocery store and I’m very proud that I survived it without stabbing anyone! Now banana cake is baking and it smells AMAZING!!! Gonna put some peanut butter & honey frosting on that bad boy, nbd.

  20. It’s snowy outside, but the sidewalk outside is all clear except for one icy patch that is exactly the width of our apartment’s facade. So, that’s how I learned who is responsible for salting the sidewalks.

  21. I’m leaving work in approx. 40 minutes and will drive in the terrible traffic to get to my parents’. Then I’m going to make a chocolate peanut butter pie! Thanksgiving will be spent with my dad’s side of the family, which would be great, except for the fact that my aunt has invited HER in-laws. And nothing against her in-laws, but I really hate it when people try to combine families. It’s so uncomfortable for everyone! We’re not related to these people! If I’m going to eat a disgusting amount of food, I’d rather do it in front of people who have known me my whole life. So, I’m thinking we’re going to eat and then peace out and go see Hunger Games!

  22. By now, my friends, you must all think me the incarnation of the boy who continued to cry “Wolves!” despite a pronounced lack of Wolves in the vicinity, but if you remember the Human tale to which I’m referring, one day, as it happened, there were in fact Wolves! This is that day, and those who are curious can read about it in the final entry of my Public Journal.

    Have a merry Thanksgiving!

  23. My first phd application is due Tuesday. Thanksgiving = WHY ARE THE LIBRARIES CLOSING? NOOOO

    I’m going home anyway because it’s also my stepmother’s birthday and Hanukkah, so it’s going to be reaaaalllly fun as they all realize I’ve been a neurotic monster who shouldn’t be spoken to for the last couple weeks and just keep getting better every day. AT LEAST THERE’LL BE PIE.

    • Just keep your mouth filled with food and people will stop asking you questions.

      Also, good luck on your apps! Those things suuuuuccccckkkk!

  24. I left work early and am only seeing this! Where were you guys this morning when I was bored?

    I just finished pickling a bunch of veggies for appetizers tomorrow. In a bit I’m going to make bourbon onion jam to go on the challah I’m making tomorrow. There’s only going to be 5 of us, but I am making all the food!

    Before that I am going to read my comics that I’ve been behind on. And then on Friday I’ll be knitting and watching TV. woohoo for lazy long weekends!

    • what comics tho?

      • Lazarus, The Wake, Hawkeye, Saga, and a bunch of the Marvel Infinity books/tie-ins. Part of me wants to just wait on Saga, since I liked reading the first 2 trades in one go. I am contemplating switching to trades on a lot of things since I’ve been traveling for work a lot and don’t have time to pick stuff up.

        • see, i’m sort of the opposite: i usually just wait for trades, because i like being able to read a whole arc in one sitting, and i just like having everything in a nice hardcover (if available) book on my shelf, but there are a couple of series (saga in particular, and batman, incorporated, when that was still running) that i’ve been debating switching to monthlies for because the wait is excruciating.

          • the problem with Saga is the issues are so short they feel like a letdown every time, then you have to wait a whole month.

            I think I just want to do as I do with TV: wait until the season is over and then binge watch all of it.

  25. I got the job in my village that is the same as mine now only in French and would pay more and save me like 250$ a month in gas… but they offered me more hours at my place now. So I was debating my options, and then my favourite kid came running up with a bucket of slush, triumphantly yelling “I MADE ICE! I MADE ICE!” and I said “Well, it’s slush. But it will be ice eventually.” And she stared at the bucket for a second then went “I MADE ICE… eventually.” And ran around going “I am Doctor Future! I make things happen eventually! Tremble before me!!” And then she kept guessing the punchlines for jokes, and one of the kids told her she was ruining it for everyone so she threw herself on the ground and wailed to the heavens “Curse my intelligence!!” So I’m staying. Less money, but how can I let this kid out of my life? I should send her parents my gas receipts.

  26. I’m thankful that my copy of Midnight Memories (1D’s newest CD) finally arrived about 15 minutes ago so I can stop clicking the refresh button on the delivery status page. Now I am going to make my mother’s traditional corn spoon bread for taking to dinner tomorrow, and dance around my apartment. I will be dancing around my apartment for the next four days, basically. Happy Tgives, everyone! Super hugs to everyone!!


      (searching for 1D Day gifs makes me really perturbed because for some reason the pictures or their stupid NOT EVEN CLOSE TO LOOKING LIKE THEM doubles are on the top of the page and I have to try to control my anger)

      • Niall back there always kills me.

        • The fact that he is totally unfazed* makes me think*cough*dream*cough* that this type of thing happens on a fairly regular basis.

          *I originally used the word “nonplussed” when I was typing this comment but then I randomly decided to look it up and apparently it doesn’t actually mean what everyone thinks it means?!? My mind is completely blown right now.

  27. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am super excited to go home for Thanksgiving because nothing makes me happier than an entire holiday devoted to getting fat :)

    Also, works sucks and I am superrrrr irate because I got an email from my boss yesterday saying that they aren’t going to approve me to take off any days so that I can go home for Christmas because I don’t have enough vacation days accrued. The really annoying part is that the reason I don’t have enough days accrued is because I used them last month so I could go home for my grandmother’s funeral, which is information that they are aware of. It’s really frustrating because they’ve always pro-rated vacations in the past if people have not accrued enough days, but one of the partners is basically on a power-trip and I’m the one that she’s choosing to make an example of.

    So yeah, my one boss said they would discuss it again and then today I realized that I have the exact same number of sick days as I did vacation days that I wanted to take and they expire at the end of the year. So if they decide to be assholes, I’ll probably just call in sick every day which I’m sure they will think is super hilarious and not at all insubordinate.

    Also, there was no kettle corn today in the Farmer’s Market. Boo hiss.


    • Ugh, making examples! I was pulled over yesterday for doing 3 over the limit (!!!!) which I’m 100% sure they can’t even fine you for. He was like “I’ll let you off with a warning THIS TIME” and of course I had to be like “Oh, thank you so much, officer, I really appreciate it!” because ugh. I’m having an awesome hair day though, and my coworkers said he probably just wanted to get my address so he could send me love poems. I’ll keep you all posted…

      • If it were anyone else there’s no way that would happen, but since it’s you and you always have the BEST guy stories, I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of Old Man Fatima’s Love Chronicles – The Stalking Cop (of Loveeeee)

  28. Today is a day that will live in infamy, because while yesterday I had two amazing roommates and the perfect cat, tonight I will go home and have no roommates and only a cat with a sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on wherein she tries to scratch the shit out of my face when something outside the apartment window agitates her. One roommate will be back in January (he’s going home to England/his girlfriend right now), while the other one has moved to the Bay Area and taken her cat with her.
    I am pretty distraught, and feel really lonely already, but I have good Thanksgiving plans for tomorrow and a new roommate who very well might also be great moving in on Sunday.
    As for the cat situation, though, I’m simply going to have to get a kitten I think. Nothing else for it.

    • Also! I’ve decided to watch all of the Fourth Doctor’s episodes of Doctor Who in order, because I hope that of all the Doctors I’m familiar with, Peter Capaldi’s Doctor most resembles Tom Baker’s . It’s been good fun so far, because even though I’ve seen every Joel and many Mike episodes of MST3K, my lust for terrible science fiction special effects has not been quenched. The BBC must’ve gotten an amazing deal on green cellophane in 1974, because that shit is everywhere. Highly recommend!

  29. Happy Thanksgiving! My flight has been delayed, so I am currently eating airport pizza and watching Anthony Bourdain tour Detroit on the TV.

  30. YOU! GUYS! I was just told by one of my employees that people on other shifts always talk about how lucky he is to work for me, and that they wish they were on 2nd shift and had me as a supervisor. They like me! They really like me! Today was turning into a big warm pile of poop, but it just got a lil’ bit better!

    He also gave me a buffalo ranch mcchicken for no reason, so that might help with lifting my spirits, too.

  31. GUYS!!! I just watched “The Angels Take Manhattan”!!! I’m dying. Super dying! I know you guys are all super cool and watched it last year, but I am soooo sad!!! UGH!

    I got over my Reichenbach feels, I’ll get over this. Happy thanksgiving! Hugs, love!

    • I tried to sneak-watch it at work and ended up openly sobbing, like Lucille Ball levels of sobbing, at my desk for an hour until they sent me home, likely thinking someone in my family had died.

      • I had a very ugly cry during that episode. Like, my face was red and blotchy and my nose was running. It was not pleasant.

        I do not wish that episode on anyone.

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