Is the weather miserable where you are? It’s not that miserable where I am, even though if you caught even a small glimpse of the news you would have thought we’d be buried under 100 feet of sleet and rainy snow by now. What’s the deal?! It’s like they have to fill up every hour of the day and sell advertising on those hours, and that forces themselves to create scary things to talk about that don’t really exist too much! It was beautiful yesterday. It snowed and snowed, lightly and beautifully. My goodness. We’re talking about the weather, as we so often do, first because I don’t know what else to talk about when introducing animal videos, and second because the time when the weather is miserable outside is the BEST time to stay inside, cuddle up with something, and watch some perfect animal vids. AND THERE ARE LOTS OF PERFECT ONES IN HERE THIS TIME! So do that, and let’s gooooo!

10. Gentle Dog Plays With Ferret

9. Bully Cat #FAIL

8. Panda Plays With Tire Swing

7. Yoga Goat

6. Pug VS Pug Pillow

5. Pelican Steals Sea Lion’s Fish


3. Cat Licking Lollipop

2. Rescued Sea Otter Munches His Clams

1. Micro Pigs Keeping Fit

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  1. Sloth’s name is Randy, I love it.

  2. I love when baby animals chase you when you run. They don’t even know what’s going on, they’re just all “Oh, we’re running now! Yay!”

  3. Where can one buy a panda and a tire swing? Answer urgently needed, thanks in advance.

  4. As someone who has TINY NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS as neighbors, I now want to out-do my neighbors by having a tiny pig race track. And also have an otter. And also a panda kindergarten. My dog and I will be the caretakers and I will definitely be the best eccentric aunt in my family. And apparently very very very wealthy.

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