Simmmply havvving some wonderful hol-i-days! Simmmply haaAaaving some wonderful hol-i-days, both Thanksgiving and Hannukah! (Paul McCartney!) One of my favorite things to do during Thanksgiving is plan that I’m going to get a bunch of work done while I’m at home — the kind of work that I usually put off because I’m too busy with day-to-day work — and then instead just spend all of my free time padding around the house and sometimes watching Netflix. Very satisfying! Luckily there are a lot of good things on Netflix right now, so we can at least feel good that we’re watching something good, rather than that we’re wasting our life watching straight-up garbage. (Though, we also might want to watch some straight-up garbage?) (That stuff is fuuun.) I’m going to share some of my suggestions after the jump, and then please share your suggestions, if you have some! (They do not have to be Netflix Instant specific. They don’t even have to be home-viewing specific. They don’t even have to be MOVIE specific. The blog us your recommendation oyster!)

Obviously that is just a small selection, so: what do you recommend? TELL MEEEEEE!

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  1. I may take a chance on Flight, because I LOVE Denzel Driving Things In Movies.

  2. You can see my hair in a couple parts of Shut Up and Play the Hits so I am going to show that to my family and make them VERY AWARE of that fact. Just a cool thing to do with the family.

  3. I may also just watch as many Nature and Nova episodes as I can on the PBS Roku channel, which is really the best Roku channel. Also if they’ve put The African Americans: Many Rivers To Cross on there I’ll probably try to catch the first couple episodes of that that I missed. It’s really good, you guys! Henry Louis Gates did it again!

  4. I’m working on Friday and Saturday (sad trombone).

  5. I just started watching The New Girl… and I love it. So I’m sure I’ll accidentally watch all of it over the weekend.

    Unless I can convince my mom to start Breaking Bad. “But it’s about drug dealers! I don’t know…”

    • Last year my dad agreed to watch the first episode of Veronica Mars with me because there were no movies we wanted to see on Thanksgiving. I have been telling him to borrow it for the longest time because I know he will like it. He would also love Breaking Bad, but I know I’ll never convince him to sign up for Netflix.

      There’s not much to pick from this year either, so maybe I will just bring Veronica Mars to his house again and make him watch episode 2?

  6. Duck Soup and Roman Holiday are both lovely. Netflix on Roku doesn’t have a “classics” section, which always makes it hard to find things.

    This break I’m going to catch up on Sleepy Hollow and then watch a bunch of movies I’ve seen a million times.

  7. Robot & Frank recently got added to Netflix and I would highly recommend that.

    I just finished watching Game of Thrones last night and I am off work all of next week so I need to find something to watch to fill the void. I suppose I could catch up on this season of Boardwalk Empire but that’s not a show you really want to watch a lot of episodes of in a row…

  8. Oh also a lot of MST3K is back on Instant so I will probably watch a lot of those thinking that I haven’t already seen them and then realizing a quarter of the way through that I have, in fact, seen them all.

  9. Frances Ha is kinda meh. Sometimes it’s just your mood when you watch something but I don’t think it ever got good. For Thanksgiving viewing you gotta find Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

  10. I should be working on papers this loooong weekend, but I just found out that series 7 of Doctor Who is on OnDemand, so I will be getting caught up so I can watch the 50th special and get all the memes that keep cropping up on my Pinterest page.

  11. The holidays are my Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter rewatch time. Which isn’t helpful, because everyone had seen those.

  12. I still get that “DVD in the mail” thing because too many weird movies aren’t on instant, and I just got Magnolia, which seems good (isn’t Paul F. Tompkins in there somewhere or something?) but 3 hours!

  13. Ugg, I just don’t know what I’ll watch! For the past few weeks, whenever I have downtime, I’ve been putting on Say Yes To The Dress for some reason, but I think I’ve finally reached my limit with that show. So I AM in need of a new something to stupidly marathon. (But the new 1D CD is supposed to be arriving at my door today, so probably I’ll just spend the weekend listening to it and scrolling endlessly through tumblr.)

  14. I will be rewatching The Hunger Games Episode 1 before going to see The Hunger Games Episode 2 Catching Fire on Friday.
    Otherwise we’ll be catching up on Masters of Sex and maybe Orphan Black if I can convince mr truck to watch it.

  15. Also, I might just listen to Welcome to Nightvale all day.

  16. Also, isn’t Kelly obviously going to watch the Friends marathon on tbs on Thanksgiving?

    • Ahhhhhhh!!!! I just realized that, for the first time in my life, my parents have cable and instead of going to their mountain house (which doesn’t even have a fuckin’ TV like the stone ages) we’re staying at their main house! Holy shit! To the TV GUIDE!!!!

      • Do your parents live on a heart shaped island?

        • Hahaha I realized after writing that that I’d made it seem like my parents are basically Dr. and Mrs. Richie Rich, but that’s not true at all. They just found a crazy good deal on a house in the mountains, where they wanted to retire, and didn’t want to pass it up. But then they realized they both probably have like 10 more years to work so they just have both for now. Also they saved a whole lot of money never ever having cable, ever, until last year.

    • OMG I’ve been so excited about that all week. Nick at Nite is doing one too, I think. I’m Ms. Chanandler Bong when it comes to Thanksgiving, so I’m spending it alone this year, and pizza + two Friends marathons, well… that would be perfection.

  17. Amazon just added Spring Breakers to Prime Instant Video, so I might finally check that out. Otherwise I will be catching up on shows I’ve missed from Monday and Tuesday.

  18. i’m thinking of finally watching Only God Forgives and The Road, even though i hear mixed things about both and they’re completely inappropriate for the holidays.

  19. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see


    Attention, ABC Family Christmas Originals-Heads!!!! What do you know about the 2012 Tia Mowry/Tori Spelling vehicle, The Mistle-tones!???? Is it great and also would you agree with this reviewer’s opinion: “I would have given it 5 stars if they had left out the chestnuts song. Why not keep it a clean family movie.”???

    • I just tried to figure out what this INSANE Hallmark Christmas movie that I saw at my parents house a few weeks ago was, and I found out that there are SPECIAL movies based on Debbie Macomber books (I read her Harlequin romances in the 7th grade and am surprised and delighted to hear she’s still around) AND that a lot of these are full-movie on youtube. This might save Christmas.

      I NEED to know about the chustnuts song, though. Report back, Superglue.

    • Yes. Yes I do.

    • I watched Kristin’s Christmas Past last night – the weird time travel one from Lifetime last Saturday. Not that bad. Not good, but not that bad. Plus Judd Nelson and Juliette from LOST are in it. I would not want to time travel back to 1996 to hang out with teenage me, or even 1994. There is a Hallmark dog-themed new one on Saturday with a golden retriever so you know I set my DVR for that. Dean Cain may be in it or I am just assuming he is.

      • This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for your dedication to and enthusiasm for made-for-TV Christmas specials, badideajeans.

        • Thanks, friend. I will keep you posted.

          Just remember to stay away from the movie that ruins all holidays…

          OH!!!! SUPER BUDDIES is on Netflix. That is definitely on my list.

  21. My boss keeps telling me I need to see Kenneth Lonergan’s other movie, Margaret, so I think I’m going to watch that. He said the non-director’s cut is “garbage” though.

    I think I’m also going to watch Blackfish so I can feel terrible about the one time I went to Sea World even though I KNEW I had a moral problem with it.

  22. On Showtime streaming, you can watch “How To Steal a Million” – AN AMAZING FARCE circa 1963 Paris with Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole about long cons, capers and art heists. And Givenchy did the wardrobes and they’re amazing.

    I may do a marathon of Leverage, but the early 90s production value takes away from the fun stories. Or finally get into Scandal. I plan on getting a lot of knitting done this weekend so there will be MUCH to watch.

  23. Kelly, I love you for including Duck Soup on your list!

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