If traffic in Los Angeles is Obamacare — and I think we can all agree that it is — then I’m out, too. It’s just bad policy. What a mess! (Via JoeMande.)

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  1. Well, if there’s anyone I trust to be an expert on inane chaos, it’s Charlie Sheen.

  2. Is that supposed to be a poem?

  3. Oh shit, the Democrats just lost the all-important man-child conspiracy theorist psychopath vote. Trump in 2016!

  4. More like Obama-Car.

  5. I’m pretty sure the Affordable Care Act was meant to primarily reduce Charlie Sheen’s minor inconveniences. You fail, Obama-Kare.

  6. Not a bad piece of post-modern freestyle

    but Sheen is no Billy Zane.

  7. I definitely have never been stuck in traffic when any other President visits my city. For sure, I have not. This is just an Obama issue. For sure.

  8. I’ve always wondered why LA doesn’t just build more roads, like I do in Sim City when heavy traffic is reported.

  9. I’m just imagining what Sheen-kare might look like. Probably a lot more supportive of medicinal cocaine.

  10. More like Obama Don’t Care! Amirite Charlie?

  11. All right, Charlie, but don’t come crying to us when the copay on your tiger blood goes through the roof.

  12. RIP America.

  13. I’m kind of surprised that Charlie was “in” to begin with. I always just assumed he could afford the premiums on SAG’s top insurance plan and wouldn’t need to go into the exchange. Huh.

  14. My company just cut healthcare coverage for single people and doubled or tripled it for people who are married/have kids. So now my married coworkers are earning an extra $3,000/year over me. I am officially a victim of Obamacare.

    • If they cut your coverage, doesn’t that mean that money is going back into your pocket instead of being deferred from your checks? Or were they covering 100% of your benefits?

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