Did you think that Mario Batali, mega-successful chef, host of The Chewpro-choice supporter, and Croc enthusiast, was going to let something like the thoughtful discontinuation of terrible nightmare-orange Crocs knock him off his terrible nightmare-orange Croc game? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This guy eats problems like the discontinuation of his nightmare-orange colored Crocs FOR BREAKFAST! (Just kidding, I bet he eats delicious breakfast pasta.) From Details, via Uproxx:

Details: Ever gonna give up the Crocs?

Mario Batali: Got something better?

Details: How many pairs do you own now?

Mario Batali: Probably 30. I just ordered 200 more because they’re about to take orange out of the field. They made a special run for me before they retired the color.

Details: How do you feel about that?

Mario Batali: They’re gonna stop the Mario Batali orange! It’s preposterous! But they’re doing pretty well without me. Nothing lasts forever, baby.

Hahaha. Exactly the way the word “preposterous” is intended to be used. Actually, I think along with the addition of adding “selfie,” this year the OED is changing the definition of “preposterous” to “When the company that makes Crocs discontinues the awful orange color they used to make.” Very specific, but at least people won’t get confused! MARIO BATALI, YOU STAY HARD ON YOUR CROC GAME! YOU GOT THIS! #200CROCS

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  1. The amount of joy I find in how loyal Mario Batali is to those hideous Crocs is preposterous!

    • I mean, it is truly nonsensicle how happy this made me. I love that Mario Batali wears his orange Crocs with those laughable white socks, and I love that he has a ludicrously personal relationship with the Crocs corporation. I think it’s fantastic that they called him to see if he wanted in on the last order, and I think it’s incredible that he said “Yes, shit, what’s an outrageous number of pairs of orange Crocs? Is 200 insane enough?”

      Absolutely excessive how much I love this entire situation.

      • I recently found what I consider to be the perfect hoodie. I went back to the online store, prepared to buy so many of them, but they were sold out. If I had as much money as I assume Mario Batali has, I would probably see if they could produce me a line of these hoodies.

  2. I’ve always wondered…does the carpet match the Crocs?

  3. A word of advice: never order anythign at his restaurant made in a croc pot.

  4. A dude showed up to a first date with me once wearing Crocs with shorts and sandals. It was the first of many clues that we were not exactly compatible.

  5. What do you guys think breakfast pasta would be like? I mean, I get spaghetti carbonara, but what else?

  6. You do you, M.Bats!

  7. Got something better is soo soo good

  8. “Got those 200 orange crocs for you” -texts from Satan

  9. not my business if a full grown man wants to go around being mistaken for a very large 5 yr old boy

  10. Just buy some white crocs and spraypaint them orange. You get the color you want plus a high that will last you into the lunch rush.

  11. It’s like Elaine’s hunt for the sponge on Seinfeld.

    “I’ll take 3 pairs of Crocs. Well, make it ten. How about 25. Yes 25 Crocs. Ok, just give me all 200!”

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