Did you travel through time with all of your favorite pals this weekend? Were you timelocked in the Moment? “Be a Doctor”? (I briefly looked at a recap.) If so: what did you think?! Talk amongst yourselves!

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  1. I laughed, I cried, I hurled.

  2. I watched a chunk of it then got confused and spaced out. David Tennant coming back was the best part.

  3. This morning I decided that Smith and Tennant had such fantastic chemistry that they need to spend the rest of their careers making movies and shows together. Not as the Doctors, just like as buddies or brothers or something. John hurt will play their father.

    • Fuck yes, they did so well! They played off each other and it was just great. I do kind of hate Eccleston for not joining the party, but there were enough surprises to make it not as big of a hole.

    • That was amazing. They were so delightful! The banter and popping noises of hyperactivity and adorableness and goofy clever jokes and asides were heard throughout the universe. And John Hurt making fun of both of them for looking and talking like children was so great. They were so adorable on Graham Norton too.

      “Are you his companions? I swear they get younger every year.” Hahaha. Good joke, Hurt. Lots of good jokes in this episode. I also liked the assumption that Tennant was dating both Elizabeth I and the doppleganger / creature with red sucking thingys. “What you want to do in the privacy of your own regeneration is your business.” Ahahahahaha. Oh and talking to the bunny? Fantastic. That whole bit in the woods was my favorite. Time Lord comedy hour!!! Each joke is bigger on the inside!

  4. I went to a bar and watched it with like 50-60 fans. The football people were pissed when they switched the sound and talked loudly, so I missed some of the beginning. Good thing I’m seeing it again in 3D tonight.

    I don’t know how I feel about Galifrey being around still. The last of the timelords thing is one of my favorite parts of New Who. I hope that if he finds it again that it’ll end up that he can never unlock the planet, because they are still jerks. This new revelation does explain all of Davies Dalek plot holes (if the Doctor destroyed all of them, how could they keep coming back?).

    Overall I enjoyed it. I like that I didn’t cry all that much. I like that it wasn’t Rose, because she’s the worst. I wish it was longer and there had been more time with John Hurt.

    • I didn’t hate Rose either! And I ALWAYS HATE ROSE. Because she wasn’t Rose. She was, basically, Dana Barrett as Zuul as Rose possessed by a nuclear destruction device *and* possessed by a TARDIS.

    • I’m assuming part of the Capaldi Doctor’s time will be spent fighting a civil war between good-guy Gallifyreans and the “let’s-destroy-the-universe-so-we-can-become-gods-or-whatever” guys like Rassilon.

      • Boo to all you Rose-haters. She’s always been my favorite rebooted Doctor companion, and I felt like teasing us with a “It’s Rose-but-not-really” way to shoehorn her into the 50th was not cool.

        That being said, it was a pretty good episode, but I was not entirely happy with what Moffat has now done to the tone of the series. In typical Moffat fashion, he has ret-conned the entire rebooted Doctor Who because he clearly didn’t like the tone Russell T. Davies had created. The Doctor committed genocide because he had to in order to stop a war between his own people and the Daleks: a man who chose to stay out of a conflict that was destroying whole races ended up being forced to destroy his own and becoming the “last” Time Lord (besides The Master). The Doctor was punctuated by sadness, loss, regret and a desire to not let it happen again. Davies had also conveniently removed the Time Lord problem (a whole planet of Super-people) the way DC did with their “Crisis on Infinite Earths” – instead of a planet of gods we had the last god (The Doctor). The Doctor became an infinitely more complex individual because of this.

        Now we find out The Doctor merely disappeared his planet of genocidal Time Lord brothers and sisters while still allowing the Daleks to be destroyed. Sure, it’s trapped in a parallel universe, but this is a big mulligan and means The Doctor is far less ethically ambiguous (and interesting) as a character. Why would he want to find his home planet, locked in the last day of the Time War? To confront Rassilon again, who was willing to sacrifice the universe to save himself? Or the other, still power-hungry and genocidal Time Lords? I’d leave them trapped in that parallel dimension forever if I were The Doctor.

        I’m excited about Capaldi taking over but less so for the new direction/tone of the series.

        • I agree with the Last of the Time lords bit, it really did add so much depth to the character. But also, the Doctor as murderer of two races of people is so the opposite of the Doctor, so giving him a way out was kind of a nice touch. I think he’ll still have plenty of internal conflict to deal with once he finds Galiffrey. I am optimistic, but then again I like Moffat so I’m biased.

          Also, I completely resisted downvoting you for liking Rose. I wanted to, but I’m not that mean. I actually really like how they used her as Bad Wolf, her character was really interesting.

          • It being so un-Doctorlike was why it was interesting. He was a man of peace forced to make a horrible decision to stop an even worse one from happening. The little minisode with the 8th Doctor (Paul McGann) released last week highlighted this perfectly: he wanted to save someone caught in the crossfire and she chose to die instead because she hated the Time Lords as much as the Daleks. After he was revived, the Doctor realized he couldn’t stay neutral any longer.

            Moffatt chose to give him a way out – which weakens the choice. He gets to have his cake and eat it too, he just “forgets” about it as the 9th, 10th, and part of 11th Doctors (though if we include The War Doctor we bump the regenerations up).

            Rose is awesome. I can’t understand the hatred against her (she’s far better than Martha Jones, that’s for sure).

  5. I can’t believe they killed the dog!

  6. I was going to but was stuck at a car dealership buying a car. Did you guys know it take approximtely 4000 hours to buy a car. It was easier buying a house? Anyways, I did watch a bunch of recaps of each doctor and a docu-drama about the first doctor that were being marathoned up in Canada, which was nice.

    • I know the feeling. I missed a concert for the same reason. Apparently the dealership decided it was a good idea to have only one person do financing for every person buying a car that day.

      As for the episode, I also enjoyed it. The interaction between all of the Doctors was wonderful, and I’m glad “the curator” made an appearance.

  7. I am a loser and haven’t watched this yet but I just started rewatching the Christopher Eccleston season and I’m enjoying it a lot more than the first time around! Although it was still hard to get through the two-part farting alien episode.

    • I really need to go back and watch Eccleston’s season. The production quality is so terrible it makes it hard to watch. Yeah, the farting aliens story could have been intriguing and exciting if they had just got rid of the farting gag.

      In random discussions this weekend, a lot of people agreed that while Davies’ had some great episodes there were also plenty of complete duds, where Moffat’s seasons don’t seem to have fallen as low as, say, Love and Monsters. I’m biased toward Moffat, but I do think that there are fewer eps in the latest seasons that I won’t rewatch, whereas I’ve never made it through Daleks in Manhattan.

      • My favorite episodes of the Davies era were ones written by Moffat but after watching the last couple of seasons I can see why people aren’t happy with Moffat as a showrunner. The first Moffat season with the crack in the wall and the Pandorica and everything was so good though! Much as I loved Amy, I think they kept her around a little too long (especially since in the last couple of seasons a LOT of years supposedly passed and we were supposed to believe that she and Rory were a lot older than they actually were). Now that we’re past the “OMG WHAT IS HER DEAL SHE IS THE IMPOSSIBLE GIRL!” stuff with Clara I think I’ll enjoy her more as a companion. I’ll miss Matt Smith though :(

        • They still haven’t really finished telling those stories yet. The crack in the wall isn’t over, is it? And the Pandorica shit didn’t really make sense either. I think the time capsule art thing is a trick to get through the weird plot holes because Timey WimeyTM. The show doesn’t always make sense, but whatever. It has cute moments. Saturday was filled with them.

          I do enjoy watching people get really angry over canon because my first times on the “internet” in the 80s were to dial up to hacker BBS stuff with my friend and her older brother to complain about Dr. Who. So watching the mouth-breathing nerds complain further on super hardcore sites brings me back to my childhood.

          I’m going to miss Matt Smith too. He’s so funny. Tennant is also very funny. I miss him all over again. Now I miss them being together.

          • I really hope at some point they explain how/why the Tardis was exploding during Big Bang/Pandorica. That’s the only big thing that bothers me.

            I do think season 7 wasn’t the best and I can see where people are annoyed at Moffat. But then I go back to any of Davies finales and Moffat still looks better to me. I love Utopia, but what Davies did with the master/baby doctor thing in The Sound of the Drums was atrocious.

            I’m happy I’ll be watching the Christmas special alone, because when Smith leaves I’ll be a blubbering mess.

    • I am also a loser and strangely enough ALSO celebrated my loserdom by rewatching the Ecclestons. I planned to skip the farting aliens in order to get to The Empty Child but Shockwave crashed in the middle of Unquiet Dead and by then I was already too weak to get off my couch and reload the page. When I came to, it was Sunday morning.

      Eccelston is underrated.

      If anyone knows where I can watch the 50th thing, please post a link. You’ll have my undying (because regenerating) thanks.

      • Oh, huh: the DVD is out in 2 weeks. Not wasting any time there.

      • I remember being so shocked when he regenerated at the end of season one, because I knew basically nothing about the show and just assumed he would be around for at least a couple of seasons. I would have liked to see him as the Doctor in some later episodes because I like his performance, but his season isn’t as good as the later ones story-wise.

        • I feel like half his stories are solid and Empty Child/Doctor Dances would be in the top 10 of all episodes — maybe even across all 50 years. I also liked Parting of the Ways a lot and Bad Wolf and Unquiet Dead. Nothing Eccleston got was as awful as the Tennant ones where the girl turns into a piece of sidewalk, or Fear Her. Therefore I OBJECT. [BANGS GAVEL] CASE CLOSED! BAILIFF!

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