My goodness. How? I don’t even — wha? HOW DO CHILDREN KNOW HOW TO BE SO SWEET, AND THEN ACCOMPLISH BEING SO SWEET? It is almost too much. (Via Uproxx.)

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  1. Awww, this is one of my local TV stations! Way to disprove the Masshole stereotype, kids!!!

  2. Right in the feels.

  3. This makes me want to build a time machine so I can go back and punch 5th grade me in the face for not being nearly as nice a kid as those kids. I take all the wrong lessons from things.

  4. What a sweet looking ska band.

  5. Beautiful. Beautiful!!! Is it viral yet? I’m assuming so, because it’s on here, and really hoping that if kids keep seeing stuff like this and Batkid, and pass it on.

  6. sorry – no *if*

  7. dumb allergies :’(

  8. Dammit! Melted my heart of stone.

  9. Welcome to my world kid. I got picked on worse at that age because it was 1976 and mom made me wear plaid bell bottoms and cut my hair with the aid of a Tupperware bowl. Also, when the fuck did 1st graders start wearing Travis Bickle mohawks?

    • I feel you. My mom used to staple my pants to hem them when they were too long and would only buy me Unicorn Club polo shirts, never IZOD. This was apparently very important to the kids who were deciding whether or not they wanted to be friends with me.

      However, I wore my headgear to school once because I thought the shiny metal looked cool, so some of this may have been self-imposed.

    • I got made fun of for wearing tight jeans, huge glasses, and chucks. I have deep, deep resentment that things I got teased for would now make me cool.

  10. Argh, this flattened me when I was watching on WCVB…when the kid in the red sweatshirt starts tearing up, I lost it. We have had exceptionally shitty local news in Boston this week (horrible details on a murdered teacher, and a guy who killed his whole family and himself) and this story was a tiny little ray of hope for humanity.

  11. I hope the parents of all those kids gave them ice cream for dinner. Awesome kids.

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