I didn’t see Parks and Recreation last night and I also missed Parenthood, so PLEASE don’t tell me if Kristina Braverman won her election. I know Leslie Knope didn’t win her election last week and, TBH, it’s not looking good for Kristina either, and I’m not sure I can take both of my NBC blonde ladies losing elections within the same week. Speaking of none of that: Coach. Hey, let’s talk about him! New Girl has pretty much fully brought him into the group, this week sending him on a basketball date with Cece, during which he got to show his true Coach — someone who texts his mom on a basketball date and feels a bit unsure after the ending of his last relationship. It was basically the same journey he made in the strip club episode, with the dynamic between him and the weird, vulnerable friends feeling a bit off until he, too, revealed that he is a bit weird and vulnerable. I know that some are unsure, but I do think that the addition of Coach will continue to mean good things, and a less worn-out feeling with the other characters. Right? I mean, it’s television, who cares, but — right? This episode was very funny. Jess saying that she didn’t understand Schmidt’s job but that it seemed to pay him well was A+. Winston’s pudding cup and bologna conversation was A+. GOOD EP. What else should we talk about? The League ended, and Aziz and Lizzy were there! I am normally not the biggest fan of The League, because it makes me uncomfortable and I am very delicate, but I thought the season finale was pretty good! Aziz’s role was just classic an Aziz role, and it is always nice to see Lizzy Caplan in anything. Okay next? Haha. Chelsea Peretti is very good on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I think the amount of Chelsea Peretti we get is probably fine, but maybe we could use a little more? She’s goooooood! I like that show! It’s enjoyable! Is the reason why you guys stopped posting GIFs in the comments because I just say that I like every show, and that’s kind of boring? Well. TOUGH! BECAUSE I DO! LIKE THEM ALL, PRETTY MUCH! I even have been liking The Mindy Project lately. LAUGHING OUT LOUD sometimes at it, even. (Although, the crowd that was convinced that she and her coworkers were racists did turn around VERY quickly when she said the thing about the mobile healthcare van.) And also Comedy Bang Bang is a fucking dream and I love it so much, please watch it if you are not watching it. What do you think? Do you hate Coach? Tell me what you think, if you want to!

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  1. Brooklyn Nine Nine is so adorable. I love everyone on it.

    So, has the Mindy Project gotten good? I gave it a try when it first aired, but I really wasn’t feeling it, but lately I’ve seen a lot more people posting things about it and I’ve been thinking about giving it another try.

    • B99′s cast is very strong, would do business again. B+

    • I’ve enjoyed Mindy a lot more since they got rid of her fiance.

    • I heard The Mindy Project (and Dads) are now on hiatus.

    • I quit The Mindy Project midway through last season, but I started watching it again this season and it’s a lot better. I particularly liked last week’s episode which was super cheesy and full of romcom cliches but I did not care, it was cute and I liked it! Sue me!

      One thing about the show that I do not like is that each episode seems to have one sort of out of left field joke they try to slip in between other jokes that does not sit well with me (i.e. the multiple references to Mindy’s desire to own a gun). This week it was Mindy casually referring to herself as anti-Semitic. Cut it out, Mindy! I want to like you!

    • I can’t stand it. It has the comic sensibilities of a laugh track show. I basically gave up after that episode which started with disposing of smelly socks with a bomb diffusing robot. Have mercy!

  2. I don’t see New Girl having a long life but I hope it does. A+

    Trophy Wife is pretty great too. A-

    Hey Ladies proves that Stephen Merchant is the real talent behind Gervais Merchant LLC. A

    The Goldbergs stale premise is given new life with the real life counterparts snippets contrasted against the sitcom. B+

    • Maybe it’s because I’ve been a bit lovelorn, but I’ve found Hello Ladies to be almost unbearably depressing. Without Kyle Mooney being goofy I don’t think I could take it. Also I think the best aspect of that show is the part with the least comedy—the guy whose marriage is falling apart. That guy is perfectly cast and a great subtle comedic actor.

      Generally, though, I haven’t been too impressed with the major plot outlines from episode to episode. I think Merchant relies too much on predictable cringe scenarios. No one will give it a chance, but Derek was actually pretty good and makes me disagree with your assessment of the G/M partnership.

      • I disagree with you but I still respect you as a person and a human being. Derek made me cringe more just because it felt like he was making fun of the handicapped almost minstrelsy. Hello Ladies is super-cringe worthy but in an introspective kind of way. Though, Karl Pilkington Derek is a great plus. Karl Pilkington should be in everything.

        • I also love the Kev character, played by a guy discovered by Gervais. I think he’s only been in stuff produced by Gervais, and this is the first recurring role. He’s so funny and disgusting.

      • Derek was perfect, Coldplay outro and all.

    • I am really enjoying the Merchant show, but sometimes I cringe so much! From the awkwardness.

    • Derek was terrible. I had no idea what Gervais was trying to do by playing a mentally challenged character while refusing to admit to doing so. I feel like he’s waging battles that make sense only in his mind. Stephen Merchant on the other hand seems like a lovely fellow with a strong and sensible moral compass.

  3. I’m not loving Parks and Rec this season, yet I still (half) watch it. It really is coming to an ending, but I really would have preferred that ending to have come at the end of last season. I like Brooklyn 99. I love that my professor hates teaching his allotted time, so I get to rush home in time to watch it. Patton Oswalt guest starred as a fire chief which was a nice change of pace. I liked the huge fight between cops and firemen on the street.

  4. In news, the Mind Project is going on hiatus from January to April, I think. B99 is moving to 9:30 and NG is staying at 9. TV worlds are crazy!

  5. I like New Girl and I still sorta hope Schmidt ends up with Cece.
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a really great show and I enjoy it!
    I haven’t watched The League or Parks & Rec yet so I am excited about an hour of each show tonight!!!

  6. So long, Eastbound and Down, your final season was one of the best seasons of comedy ever!

    • I loved that ending so much. so so so much.

      • It was pretty much perfect! I’ve been listening to the song that plays over the end credits of the episode nonstop since Sunday. It’s “Must Of Got Lost” by the J. Geils Band and it is also perfect.

      • I loved it too! It looked to me like the Internet consensus was that it was a weak end to a great season, but I loved it. HOWEVER, I also thought it indicated that the fourth season was all just the screenplay we see him writing in S4E01, which to me both excused the season’s outlandishness and helped redeem Kenny (a feat I thought couldn’t be accomplished), but people have told me that I’m wrong and that it’s only the last episode that was part of the screenplay, which Kenny revised after Stevie told him the ending sucked or whatever. So if the whole season was real, and he really bought his kids a wolf and Maria really got those implants and and we really know as much as we do about Stevie’s penis and April really took Kenny back after everything he did, I’m not sure how I feel about it all. Except that I still love it, so whatevs.

    • The Stand By Me ending almost killed me. Honestly, Danny McBride, is the king. If they don’t put Stevie’s chin in the Smithsonian, I’m going to stop paying taxes.

  7. Hello Ladies

    *Kyle Mooney is insanely great. Just so great.
    *The plot is nearly identical to that of Extras, only the focus is attaining a woman rather than an acting career (relegated to the B story). Every episode Stuart nearly gets what he wants, only to be smacked down within sight of his goal. It’s extremely familiar feeling.
    *That said, HL has a nice emotional core.
    *Also, it’s very funny.
    *Jenny Slate is criminally underused as generic dick.

    • I guess they should have just resolved his issues and attained his goals in episode one. Weird how they didn’t do that. Also i’d like to make a snide remark about the plot of the extras being identical to some show where some hapless schmuck tries to attain certain achievements but fails, which i feel there are plenty of out there, since it’s a generally present theme in pop culture, but i can’t think of any.

  8. The League

    *It’s great when it’s weird.
    *Holy crap, Kate Aselton.
    *It’s not great when it’s just homophobic/bullying.
    *Dirty Randy is my spirit animal.

    • I stopped watching the league a season ago when it started feeling like a gang of arrogant dullards who’s jokes are funny only within their clique. They used to be weird and lovable, regardless of their failings as human beings.

  9. Here’s the best comedy you will see all week:

  10. The part on Brooklyn Nine-Nine when Boyle took that sad rushed selfie video down the fireman pole made me slap my knee!! Also See you in heaven to Eastbound and Down you were good at your job, making me laff!

  11. one question i have about this week’s new girl is has jess always had that car with the flame decals? didn’t she used to have like a blue station wagon or something? like, it obviously doesn’t matter, but i don’t remember it and it just struck me as weird for some reason.

  12. Everybody stop watching all your stupid shows and start watching Mom. Ok? Ok.

  13. I can finally stand The Mindy Project. This has been very important to me and I’m happy to say it finally happened. And I am pleased that New Girl seems to be back on track – also very important to me. These things are very important to me because I watch them while my son is sleeping and laugh at their antics as if they are all good friends of mine.

  14. Kelly, no Parenthood spoilers here, but man, does anyone else think it isn’t very good this season? Amber’s plot is so rote, Joel is suddenly an asshole, Crosby is STILL just Crosbying around, and Ray Romano is a regular now? And who knows what the fuck is going on with Super Sarah. Just a weird, weird season, even without Kristina’s bid for mayor (which is obviously the weirdest plot in the whole weird season).

    • Parenthood has become a weekly soap, and not a very good one at that. The plotlines are cliche and forced, and they manage to make me hate practically everyone i used to root for.

  15. I think the first Parks and Rec was my favorite of the whole season.

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