Hey! I love holiday movies! And by “holiday” I mean mostly Christmas! Sorry to pull away that veil so quickly, but I don’t think I’ve seen many (read: any?) Hanukkah movies for adults, but if there are any I’d love to watch, because I am open-minded, inclusive, and reasonable! Our SpooOOooOOoky Movie Club in November was such a hit (it was a hit, right?) (moving on under the assumption that it was not only a hit, but a BIG hit) that I thought, hey, why not do it again in December? But instead of scary movies, why not do it with Christmas movies, since that would make more sense? So, here we are: the Videogum Holiday Movie Club. This will work just like the SpooOooOoky Movie Club — you guys will let us know which holiday movies are your favorites (or the ones that you hate the most) (either way!) (do you!), we will choose whichever ones seem to have the most interest, and then we’ll all watch one a week together throughout the month of December. (We’ll discuss them on Thursdays, except for the final one, which we will discuss on Wednesday, December 25th.) Does that sound good? I hope it sounds good, or at least fine. So, what do you think? What holiday movies do you like? Gary Marshall’s New Year’s Eve? Jingle All the Way? Am I close? Tell meeee.

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  1. Santa Clause Conquers The Martians.

    • Correction: the MST3K version of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. It’s a holiday classic in my house.

      • i feel like the other mst3k santa claus always gets overshadowed by conquers the martians, but it’s one of my favorites as well. plus “no, lupita!” is one of my favorite running jokes, AND i once saw a mexican woman legitimately shout it at her young daughter on a bus, and i’m dead now.

        • I love that one too!! Pitch is AMAZING! The interpretive dance in hell? The weird little Pedro kid that helps Santa? The super, ultra creepy reindeer? That movie has it all!

  2. RARE EXPORTS. I for real cannot recommend this movie enough. It’s Finnish and creepy and charming and wonderful. By far my favorite holiday movie.

  3. One time, in college a bunch of us had “grown-up” holidaymas where we watched like 10 adult themed cartoons. I believe it was Beavis & Butthead, South Park, SImpsons and King of The Hill. Can we do one of ‘em here? Like, we could watch 5 episodes of something on netflix one week.

  4. the videogum spooOOoOoky holiday movie club!:
    -santa’s slay
    -jack frost
    -black christmas
    -silent night, deadly night
    -rare exports
    -christmas evil
    -x-mas tale

  5. Growing up, my favorite Christmas movie was Eyes Wide Shut, but nowadays my favorite Christmas movie is totally still Eyes Wide Shut.

  6. DIE HARD.

  7. Last year I explored the entire breadth of puppy and dog-related holiday films. Snow Buddies, Santa Buddies, Santa Buddies 2: The Santa Pups are all semi-decent films. However, Santa Buddies: The Search for Santa Paws is really disturbing and depressing.

    Also: A Christmas Puppy is a movie of lies. Someone (not me!) even created a Facebook page devoted to exposing the truth about this terrible terrible garbage film.

    This being said, I do love the Lifetime and Hallmark made-for-TV holiday movies, especially if they involve time travel **especially*** if a busy career woman learns that her life of success means nothing if she doesn’t have love on Christmas. A new one is on Lifetime this Saturday that sounds like Groundhog’s Day.

    A smart, sassy, 34-year-old woman who is estranged from her family goes to sleep alone on Christmas Eve and wakes up Christmas morning seventeen years into her past to relive the worst Christmas of her life. But this time she is able to go back and change not only her imperfect past, but her also her less than perfect future.

    If not this one, the one with the Monet girl from Clueless is really fun too.

    • those lifetime/hallmark cheesetastic holiday movies are the best. time travel is a big theme and so is lying about who you really are. there is always so much lying and somehow it always equals true love.
      hallmarks weekend movie is gonna be about a department store window display “A department stores Christmas tradition brings two window decorators together in a holiday competition.”

    • My favorite Lifetime Christmas movie is Holiday Switch. Nicole Eggert climbs in her washer or dryer and comes out and she’s super rich. IT IS PERFECT.

      “A week before Christmas, Paula finds herself struggling with bills and life with her blue-collar husband Gary and her two daughters. When her high school boyfriend Nick returns to town, Paula wonders if she made the wrong decision when she chose her date to the prom. What would her life have been like if she stayed with Nick?”

  8. Millions by Danny Boyle. Too religious-y? Either way, great movie.

  9. Can we please watch Holiday in Handcuffs, the ABC Family Original Movie starring Melissa Joan Hart as a desperate, lonely old hag who gets dumped by her boyfriend right before Christmas and is way too ashamed of her failure as a woman to go to her family’s Christmas cabin retreat alone so she KIDNAPS MARIO LOPEZ AT GUNPOINT AND FORCES HIM TO PRETEND TO BE HER BOYFRIEND AND THEN THEY FALL IN LOVE PARTIALLY BECAUSE SHE DOES A FIGURE SKATING ROUTINE FOR HIM IN FRONT OF A GAZEBO?? Sorry for the caps but as I was writing this I was slowly remembering how completely insane this movie was.

    • I couldn’t finish that one the other day… it was THAT BAD. AND I SAT THROUGH ALL OF THE 12 TREES OF CHRISTMAS where some spinster librarian has to save the library for the kids and some weird one where Taylor Townsend has to convince some person that the Santa parade in Chicago is worth saving.

      I really do love Eve’s Christmas. Watch it every year!

      A wealthy and successful career woman gets a second chance in life when a magical wish transports her back in time eight years to when she walked away from her fiance to lead a business life in New York.


  10. I believe Eight Crazy Nights was a Hanukkah-themed movie, but I wouldn’t subject any of you to it.

  11. So, eons ago my friend and I got really stoned and went to a gas station to get some junk food. We ended up spending what seemed like an hour but was probably five minutes poring over the VHS bargain bin and eventually found “Santa With Muscles” starring Hulk Hogan. We decided to buy it but neither of us has watched it in the eleven years since this has happened. I believe the VHS is rotting away in its shoddy shrink-wrap, buried in my parents basement with bootleg copies of the Producer’s Cut of Halloween 6 and for whatever reason, two copies of Clueless.

    So I propose, perhaps counter-programming to the inevitable Love, Actuallys and Die Hards, is what looks like the dumbest thing I’ve had the privilege of judging a book by its cover.


    • I know this won’t get picked so here are my other suggestions:

      It’s A Wonderful Life: Duh-doy! I just like talking to people about this.
      Scrooged: Duh-doy part deux.
      Home Alone: Lost In New York: Basically because how the traps are so much more violent and how offensive the homeless Old Man Marley stand-in can be.
      Bad Santa: I made the mistake of watching this with my family around Christmas five years ago and it was very awkward how hard my Dad was laughing about the anal-in-the-plus-sized-dressing room bit. So maybe I need a cleanse from all that.

  12. White Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie because OBVIOUSLY it is the best, and it is on Netflix now.

  13. Muppet Christmas Carol, which I maintain is the best adaptation of that book ever. Plus also it has my name in the title (Muppet).

    • Yeah, Muppet’s right. A Muppet Christmas Carol is pretty awesome.

    • A thousand times yes.

    • Muppet Family Christmas is my all time fav. We had it recorded off of TV with old ’80s commercials and everything. Now we can find the same version as was on TV, which is weird.

      • A Muppet Family Christmas is the BEST! Muppets + Fraggles + Sesame Street! My family has a version taped off of TV too, but with ’90s commercials (including a McDonald’s commercial starring Steve Carell).


          I’m glad my brother and I are not alone in the world!!! We try to watch it every Christmas, but our VHS tape’s been MIA the last two, so this year I am straight up ordering it off of Amazon!

          But!! Apparently, the widescreen DVD doesn’t have the song “The Love is Gone” (the one Scrooge’s fiancee sings to break up with him!) Which is bullshit. Apparently you have to watch it in fullscreen to get the uncut version? WEIRD! I’m still buying it!

          • I’m late to this party, but it’s true. The song song that made me so uncomfortable as a child is not in the DVD cut. There is some nice bonus material, however. AND, most importantly, you still get to enjoy Rizzo and Gonzo’s antics.

            “Light the lamp, not the rat!” Classic. Fine holiday fun. A+.

    • I hate this movie. HATE it. I think it was the first Muppets thing that Disney controlled and mass produced (at least to the degree that I was told to watch it) and it just … so so so bad. Boring and bad. Knowing that Dickens wrote mostly about how bad child labor was and the dangers of unchecked wealth… and knowing that Jim Henson fought Disney in his life but his legacy got sold to a group that employed kids to make toys for other kids… (and PBS later sued which is why Elmo exists or the merch rights do??) ABC Family has more to offer with PG-13 rerun of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past than Disney did to the Muppets when recreating a story about the evils of industrialism.

      I grew up on the subversive, socialist, satirical Muppets and knew that Dickens was trying to exert social change through his stories to actually stop the kind of crap that Disney exploits for labor.

      Watching this movie was physically and emotionally painful… Like seeing a friend after a lobotomy.

      This being said, I was forced to see it… so “A Christmas Puppy” is so much worse because in the blandest, broadest way, that movie offers “muppets.” [please note the lower case m == as this movie sucks so much that at the time I assumed the muppets, like Dickens stories, had fallen into public domain.

  14. Remember when Tower Heist tried to do that $60 VOD thing? Tower Heist is a holiday movie.

    I am not recommending Tower Heist, btw.

    • Tower Heist is a holiday movie set in an alternate universe where Chinese New Years occurs before Thanksgiving. This was seriously my biggest complaint about that movie, because WHAT?!

  15. The Christmas episode of My So-Called Life.

  16. Home for the Holidays staring Holly Hunter and RDJ (with special guests Claire Danes & Steve Guttenberg & Charles Durning and Dylan McDermot or Dermott Mulroney). Technically it’s a Tgives movie, but it’s got a general holiday spirit about it.

  17. California Raisins Christmas Special

  18. Let’s get together for all five hours of Fanny and Alexander (even though only the first hour and a half is Christmas themed) (It’s still a great movie.)


  20. Atlas Shrugged

  21. Just kidding. Trading Places is my favorite holiday movie.

  22. Let’s watch Christmas with the Kranks in memory of Gabe RIP

  23. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen In Bruges, and this would give me an excuse to see it.

  24. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

  25. While You Were Sleeping!

    • That’s such a good one! My friend contends that Sandra Bullock’s character is super creepy (which she kinda is?) but I don’t even care! I love it so much!!!!

  26. Friday After Next.

  27. Children of Men

  28. Elf, The Nightmare Before Christmas, MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL, and maybe if we want a scary one, the uncanny valley horror of The Polar Express.

    • Also, has anyone else seen Scrooge, the musical version of A Christmas Carol with Albert Finney? It’s mostly great, with good acting (Albert Finney, duh), and great songs, except for Tiny Tim’s which is awful a hundred years long–but then there’s a random, absolutely terrifying scene where Scrooge goes to some sort of hell dimension with Jacob Marley and there are rats everywhere and it’s completely insane. It’s my mom’s favorite and we watch it together every year, but whenever that scene comes up we scramble for the remote and skip ahead.

      It also features the peppiest song ever written about being really glad that someone’s dead.

    • ALL OF THESE. (all of these except for the polar express.) i’m kind of flabbergasted that no one has mentioned elf until now (i’m not going to read back through the thread to see if that’s actually true). ELF IS THE BEST.

  29. Unaccompanied Minors? It seems dumb but it’s based on a true story from This American Life. I’ ve never seen it, though.

  30. Are we not all going to see Rick Santorum’s Christmas movie over the weekend? I thought for sure everyone would be going.

  31. I’ve never seen Bad Santa and would like a reason.

  32. “That was the sound of a tool chest falling down the stairs.”

  33. Lady and the Tramp!

  34. AHHHH this is my favorite Movie Club since One Direction!!! I second any nomination for It’s A Wonderful Life. Love Actually is obviously another great Christmas movie and what about a How The Grinch Stole Christmas double feature with the animated version and the live action version?

    • It’s a Wonderful Life is a close second (after Muppet Christmas Carol) for my favorite Christmas movie! And Love Actually is a staple for my me and my mom. My dad inevitably walks into the room every time Martin Freeman is simulating sex with that girl and always asks us what the hell we’re watching. It’s kind of its own holiday tradition at this point!

    • I mean, we could have a This Is Us DVD screening and just wear Santa hats to make it Christmassy. I’d support that.

  35. What about any of the Rankin/Bass movies? It’s kind of crazy to me that those have become such classics considering they’re actually really weird? I mean, I have a soft spot for them for sure, but they’re weird right?

    • Totally weird. I think they became such holiday staples because networks played them year after year because the rights to them were cheap, and people didn’t have as many options on TV back then, so they were sort of pounded into our collective consciousness. Not that I mind, because I love them, but they definitely would never get made today.

    • My friends and I have a yearly Rankin/Bass holiday movie marathon. If I ever started eating beef and opened a burger restaurant, it would definitely be called Burgermeister Meisterburger.

  36. Home for the Holidays is my fave.

  37. Should definitely start with Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for, you know, the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving. Then go from there.

  38. Elf
    Bad Santa (duh)
    Meet Me in St. Louis
    the Gathering (TV movie starring Ed Asner from the 70s)
    George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol
    Miracle on 34th Street (OG, non-colorized, for Chrissake)

  39. 131 comments and not one request for Diner??!

  40. Also, I know TBSveryfunny has kind of ruined it for everyone, but, guys, A CHRISTMAS STORY.

  41. Heidi (Shirley Temple is A++++)

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