Oh my god, did you hear about Jennifer? Like — okay, you know me, you know I’m not one to spread gossip about friends or whatever, but seriously…I mean, I can feel the emptiness of her womb from here. You know? Like, I FEEL empty. And it’s not mean if I say that! I love her, we’ve been friends forever, but I don’t care how beautiful and talented and famous and successful she is — girl needs to lock down a man and FILL THAT WOMB. Seriously, don’t tell anyone I told you, but I think she’s going to have a vacancy for a while. From Hollywood Life:

Jennifer Aniston may not be getting her happily ever after anytime soon. The 44-year-old actress is currently living in Bel Air, while Justin Theroux is busy working in NYC — and the distance is reportedly taking a major toll on their relationship.

After a string of failed relationships, Jen’s dreams of finally finding her happily ever after are slipping away. Multiple insiders reveal that work, distance and insecurity have driven [Aniston] and [Theroux] apart in recent months and that their wedding is on hold as their relationship grinds to a halt.

“They’ve hit a rough patch,” says one friend. “Right now, there are no wedding plans, no baby plans — nothing.”

It, like…makes me sad to think about how sad she must be? I almost don’t want to know about it because, not to be rude, but I don’t want any of that desperation clouding my own life. If you get what I’m saying? I don’t know. Don’t tell anyone I told you — I really shouldn’t have told you or anybody — and especially around the holidays, I would hate to have her know we were talking about her. It’s just, ugh, it’s so sad.

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  1. After a string of failed relationships, Jen’s dreams of finally finding her happily ever after are slipping away.

    Relationships, of course, are either failures or successes with nothing in between. Very cool and healthy outlook, Hollywood Life.

  2. This poor, tragic, incredibly wealthy and successful woman.

    Hey, does anyone know if George Clooney’s okay? He’s also a successful, good-looking, middle-aged actor who’s had a string of failed relationships, and yet no one seems to worry about HIS happily ever after. Weird.

  3. Oh Jen, even though I’ve never even really seen you seeming all the way miserable and sad and worried about your life, and actually you’ve always just seemed like a normal woman who has universal struggles and triumphs, but oh my god will you EVER find love???

  4. It’s because she cut her hair, huh?

  5. She should adopt a puppy. So much more fun than human kids.

    • But can a human woman birth and nurse a puppy? Because, as we all know, pregnancy, (NATURAL) child birth, and breast feeding is really the only way to achieve true womanhood.

  6. I don’t think the tabloid world knows what a precarious position they’re in here because if Jennifer Aniston ever does get married and have a baby, the entire industry will collapse.

  7. its disgusting in both directions because A. celebrities are aloud to have real people problems and we probably shouldnt support the exploitation of that and B. she is a beautiful, rich, successful celebrity so i’m sure she’ll be fine…

  8. Does anyone else think that Jennifer Aniston is just counting down the days until she goes through menopause so that the tabloids will finally stop being so concerned with the state of her uterus?

    • Sadly, with science helping impregnate women over 60 I assume the story will eventually turn into “Bitter old spinster crone Jennifer spends her millions on test tube baby.” or something equally garbage. :(

      • Yeah, but that’s why I don’t buy all this tabloid garbage about how desperate she is to be pregnant. If she wanted a baby, she would have had a baby by now. Let’s all just move on (I’M TALKING TO YOU US WEEKLY)

  9. I’m dying over here at the lonely woman tag

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