Well, we made it. We made it to not quite the end of the day, but almost the end of the day. Even though it might not have seemed like it sometimes, I always knew that we would. To celebrate, why not take a GIF down @memorylane? Hmmm? And watch some GIFs from some stuff that we talked about during the week? HMMMM? There are GIFs of that baby falling down from the beginning of the week! Remember her? Come on, let’s go!

Lady Gaga hosted Saturday Night Live!

We saw a baby walk on ice!

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoyed fall!

We rated our professor, James Franco!

Adam Levine was declared the sexiest man alive?

David Blaine blew every celebrity’s mind!

And finally, we all watched comedy on TV.

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  1. last night, my sister let my nephew watch clips of david blaines show and he was beyond devastated to find out he couldnt recreate the same tricks.

    the world is a vampire

  2. I waited SO patiently for SO long (since Tuesday!) for this post, because I felt sure it would be the place I could find a gif of Terry Crews slaughtering a magic 8-ball with his own hands. It was a great week and lots of other good things happened, but about this I am sad.

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