“It’s so difficult to judge relationships from the outside. Sometimes you’ll hear about a fight your friend is having with his or her boyfriend and you immediately want to take your friend’s side, but you don’t know what led up to it. Even if you heard the other side of the story, you wouldn’t be able to completely understand the context without having been in that relationship for however long it’s lasted. It’s difficult. So, I know when people see the video of my Internet prankster boyfriend pranking me on our anniversary by telling me that he cheated on me, and then losing his shit when I prank him back by telling him that I cheated on him too, they’re probably going to think, ‘hmm, this is a strange relationship.’” But they don’t know. They don’t know how wonderful it is to be there by his side, during his other Internet pranks. They don’t know how exhilarating it is to be in a relationship where you have to be constantly on your toes because you never know when your partner is going to set up a hidden camera and attempt to publicly humiliate you for the rush of a few hours of minor Internet fame, in an attempt to stave off the feeling that one day he will die and, eventually, his existence will be forgotten. They don’t even know if the stunt is real or staged! (Though, they could probably bet easily enough!) There is just so much people don’t know. But I know that I love him. He is mine and I am his, forever and — fingers crossed — ever.” – You (If you are the girl in this video.)

Yuck. Everyone go back to bed. (Thanks for the tip, Summer Estherson and Paul!)

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  1. That bed looks really comfortable.

  2. I love how straight people call sleeping with other people “cheating.” It’s cute.

  3. When I saw this, I seriously considered throwing my computer out the window, finding this guy, setting his house on fire, and then riding away on a motorcycle ala Kate from LOST. I settled for fuming and raving to myself for a few minutes and then watching last night’s The Soup to make me feel better.

  4. This guy was always a douche, but now he’s also a Stiffly Stifferson, so that’s good.

  5. Just burn it down, fluffy duvet and all. Burn it all down.

  6. I’d say that it’s a shame he didn’t propose immediately afterwards, but I guess there really weren’t enough other people around.

  7. I agree…I have some friends who “joke” with their boyfriends and it’s like they’re just mean to each other all the time but that’s their “schtick” I guess? But they do it in a way where it seems like they’re not joking and are actually just really mean to each other but we all know they love each other so it’s fine? I mean, I get that some people are different and “you do you” but it’s still really strange and you want to be like “you can leave at any time!”
    And then there are other people whose husband will do something super selfish and you’ll be like “whaaaa?” and she’ll be like “yeah, he’s just like that” and you’re like “he’s just a selfish asshole?” And you remember that you should just mind your own business sometimes because everyone has the right to live with their decisions and some people like to be needed, I guess?

    • At least half of the couples I know definitely seem to stay together because they want someone to be miserable with.

      • I had a friend who would non-stop complain to me about how awful her boyfriend was and how miserable she was with him. But then in the same conversation she would say, “I don’t know why everyone thinks we should break up. Maybe because I only talk about all the bad things he does.” Yes! Maybe that’s it!

        • The friends like that are always the ones who give you the most grief about being single, too, in my experience. Don’t try to suck me into your vortex of resentment, dudes!

          • She once said to me, “I wish I could be like you and not care if you were with anyone.” Which I took as a compliment, and also, yes, I also wish she wouldn’t care about being with anyone either because her complaining about her boyfriend constantly ruined our friendship!

          • Oh gosh, I have a friend who has a history of getting sucked into very serious relationships very quickly. She claims she values her friends’ honesty, but then complains when any of her friends actually cautions her or speaks openly about reservations they may be having about the guy. Then once she breaks up, and people feel comfortable saying that they never really liked the guy, she gets mad that they “didn’t say anything.” YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.

      • Thats not true, me and my girlfriend have been together for seven years and we had fun once.

  8. Douchebag’d!

  9. Nothing ever bad happens in Aruba.

  10. Sometimes I just lie about lying in order to have a good laugh at my partner’s expense. What I like to do is get her real riled up, just like devastatingly angry, and then say “Oh hey it was all a joke! Hah ha ha! Why are you still mad at me? Don’t you understand jokes? Oh my god you are being such a girl right now. I don’t know why you’re not seeing that the lie I just told you was a joke and you don’t have to be such a pussy about it. Ugh. Women.”

  11. If you happen to find my boyfriend’s body in a river or a ditch, I swear I was at a spa when it happened!

  12. I approve of the way she turned the tables, obviously, but am completely confused about why she’s with him and apparently wants him to propose. She is clearly better than him. It’s a low bar to set, but she certainly clears it.

    • I assume she already has the insurance policy on him, and breaking up now to find another boyfriend to marry and murder would be too much work this far in the game.

  13. Honestly, I hated this guy as soon as he opened his mouth; if she’s been with him for five years, I’m guessing she’s no better. I’m also guessing that this is fake, so it doesn’t really matter. I hate them both so much.

  14. I think the takeaway is that yes, this was all fake and set up, and yes, they have both cheated on each other.

  15. I’m cheating on both of them with my girlfriend.

  16. Was anyone else a little creeped out by how he started punching lamps and ripping the sheets out from near her face? I was afraid we might be about to witness some horrible abuse. More horrible than lying to your girlfriend of five years for a “super funny” prank.

    • That was the part that made me want to set shit on fire. Yes, the initial “prank” is terrible and awful, but his reaction to her “confession” is just a blatant display of dumb, misogynistic “you belong to me” anger.

  17. I’m going back to the interspecies friends.

  18. what a garbage human. set his dumb channel on fire. i base this more on the preview from his last “prank” video, something about people jumping up awake disoriented on the beach surrounded by millions of birds. i refuse to click on it and see what he does. it makes me so mad
    taking a nap on the beach is supposed to be relaxing, life is hard they earned it. nobody should have to put up with that nonsense. gross

  19. my boyfriend once told me he was taking a quick nap before work in the spare bedroom. then around 3pm i went in there and found him asleep with a winter hat on and the covers pulled up. i tried to shake him awake and was greeted by his snowboard gear and a soccer ball with a cat mask on it … boyfriends be prankin.

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