One week ago today, it snowed in the morning. I know they can’t all be magical days where it snowed in the morning, but I hope that your day is going at least as well as a non-snow day can go. YOU DESERVE IT. But you know who you don’t deserve “it” as much as? “It,” in this case, meaning having your wine placed in Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of the Year? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, apparently! From Us Magazine:

Watch out wine world! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just added another award to their growing mantel filled with Oscars, Golden Globes and SAG Awards — only this time, the honor is for wine.

The dynamic duo’s Chateau Miraval Rosé 2012 was ranked number 84 among Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of the Year, making it the “best Rosé in the world,” according to a new press release. Back in March when the wine was first released, all 6,000 bottles sold out within five hours.

Although Jolie, 38, and fiance Pitt, 49, may have helped boost sales with their celebrity, wine experts seem to agree that the Hollywood super-couple can toast to their good taste. Wine Spectator Managing Editor Kim Marcus called the rosé “Refined and elegant, offering pure and concentrated flavors of dried red berry, tangerine and melon. The focused finish features flint and spice notes, with a hint of cream.”

Huh. I don’t mean to attempt to rain on anyone’s parade, but I watched Somm on Netflix recently and the major thing I took away from it is that no one actually knows too much of what they’re talking about when they talk about wine. So. Maybe don’t get too excited about your accomplishment, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, because of a thing that I more-or-less took away from a documentary that I watched! But congratulations anyway! Good day! Nice day! HOW WAS YOUR DAY?

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  1. I got a text message from someone I don’t know; a quick Google search of the numebr tells me it is a lady in Arlington, TX. named Cindy who has a horse for sale. She(?) sent me a picture, but my phone won’t download it, so I will never know what it was. Perhaps she was trying to sext someone and got the wrong number, although how do you get a wrong number because most people aren’t going to sext someone who isn’t already saved in their phone book? Maybe she’s trying to market her horse to random phone numbers? I will never know.

    Anyway, that’s how my day was!

    • How much she wants for the horse?

      PS. Check your monster fantasy football trade requests.

      • I lready did, and I am mulling it over. I’m playing you this week, so I really want to win. I’m also considering putting Ben Roethlisberger in. He’ll really get in there and take the victory, whether you want him to or not.

        • FYI, I’m also open to interesting trades. In my paid league, I traded Calvin Johnson to the commissioner in exchange for having the entry fee waived next year. Since you cannot offer me any such bargain, I would be willing to give you Jamaal Charles if you’ll have your name legally changed to Scott Stapp.

  2. It’s my birthday!

  3. I have an interview on Monday for a job that is the same as my job only in French and in my village and full time hours. I calculated the difference and with more hours and less money spent on gas, it’s a difference of 1000+ a month so I’m really really holding my breath on this one! Also, my kids put on a play for me today and it was great, but the devil child was up to her usual tricks which was the only damper on my perfect day. One of my kids was supposed to be taken out because her mom is going on mat leave so won’t be needing after-school care anymore, but she told me today she’s going to keep her in because she loves me so much! So, woops if I’m leaving! Either way, felt good to hear. No horrible discoveries about new guy yet. I’m going to look at this house this weekend for my mom, who is thinking of moving near me and opening a B&B when she retires next year: Pretty exciting stuff!

    • Hundred Dollar idea: Monster Getaways.

    • Huh. I am jealous of that house.

      I literally had no idea that houses cost less than a million dollars each because (I now realize) I live in the worst place on Earth.

      My dream is to live in a giant, old ramshackle mansion that has fireplaces in at least half the bedrooms — a house that will one day haunt well. Evidently I could actually achieve this dream if I shoot for it in an area without restaurants? THAT IS A HARD BARGAIN.

      • Oh, this isn’t my village, it’s in the next village over. They have a restaurant there and it is fucking amazing. I take everyone there. Three course meals using local produce and meat for 12$ and peanut butter pie that I would not literally kill someone for, but I would probably push some I’m sure very nice people down to get the last slice. And the restaurant is in a house from the 1700s which is also a museum! And here is a picture I took of an eagle flying over the bay which is a 10 minute drive on the other side of this particular village:

        • My brother is always offering to buy me property in Detroit, saying it’ll cost about $8. And then we laugh and laugh and then we cry because our city is the laughing stock of the world. :(

        • Ha. What’s funny is that in 2011 I almost went in on a mansion on Iroquois with three friends. It was so cheap we could buy it and still keep our apartments in LA and NYC and DC and use it as a midway point for visiting each other and vacationing. Then one friend backed out and that scared another off and suddenly my share doubled and that made it unworkable. But for a moment, I was this close to buying a 5-bedroom, 3-fireplace house with a nice yard 2 blocks from the river! In Detroit!

      • You could buy a mansion in my neck of the woods for, like, a dollar. But the catch is, of course, that you have to live here, where there is nothing to do but drink and look at cows.

    • Whaaaat! That place is gorgeous, and SO not a million dollars that it makes me ache inside. Oh, East Coast Major Cities, what have ye done to me?!

  4. I’m visiting Japan in a month, so most of my day today and most of this whole week, actually, has been spent reading ramen blogs.

  5. Rose is the musical theatre of wines, and it’s not a proper bullshit wine review unless you say something like “It has very round corners” or “there is a distinct chartreuse finish”

    • I just got the latest issue of Wine Spectator and they’re mostly pushing the 2010 Cabernets, which is fine but 2012 is just going to a better year for California wines as a whole. The sauvignon blancs are just amazing, even the crap brands, which means that the reds will come out in 2 years and be insane. I’m literally buying a couple cases of my favorite SBs so that I don’t run out of 2012. I accidentally bought some 2011 SB and it was crap. I think it had corked.

      Also: Quivera makes the best rose and is usually only $18 if you can find it… which is not very easy. It’s light and crisp and has notes of pomegranate and berries and citric fruits. Plus they’re biodynamic and organic. And the people who run the vineyard and farm are really cool.

      • Not sure why this comment is here but okay. It’s a wine thread! I had a delightful zinfandel from the Dry Creek area the other day. Very peppery and not too jammy. Folie a Deux. It was a lovely fall wine.

        • I had some cab called Montes from Chile the other day and it was commendable. Minerally, as I recall; it paired well with sitting on a couch. I think only $10 but my friend bought it so not sure.

        • There is a white from Washington state called Eve and it’s lovely. very clean, crisp, and completely unavailable here in Boston. They (I think it’s the same winery) put out a shiraz called Raw Power that I enjoy. They usually run about $12 a bottle.

  6. tonight i am playing my first show since my old dumb band broke up like a million years ago (july). i am only moderately terrified.

  7. I was viciously attacked by two German dogs and I am now injured.*

    *my pomeranian was running after my pomeranian/chihuahua and the chihuahua jumped into my face and now I have a 4 inch scratch across my face.

  8. I bought four (4) new shirts on my lunch break today, LADIES.

  9. Today I realized my phone had been out of batteries since the weekend, and I missed all these fun texts like a friend who was in town telling me her flight was delayed and do I want to go get pizza, and my mom offering to buy me a toaster.

  10. Work was pretty blah, but after Sunday I’ll have a whole week off for the holiday!

    Watching Harrison Ford say “Get the fuck outta my house” was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.

    I got a pet rat. His name is Dirtnap. Stupid photos on instagram to follow shortly.

  11. The Monster Fantasy Football League has been full for ages but yous guyses can still join the weekly NFL Pick ”em that West started just today, if yous want. PW:gabe

  12. It’s not particularly exciting, but I recently ate the best corndog I’ve ever had ever. Granted it’s been over a decade since I’ve had one, but it still shines on its own (and I don’t mean from grease). Other than that, I’ve been completely useless this week. I’ve been doing mind numbing work at my job, and have done nothing exciting in the evening. However, I am looking forward to the next few days. I’m going to see Sarah Jarosz tomorrow night, then over the weekend a good friend of mine will be in town, and we will partake in our typical man-child shenanigans.

    • I once had plans with a friend to cut a hotdog open, stuff some cheese inside, wrap it with bacon, dip it in batter, and create the world’s greatest corndog. But we ended up just watching all three Karate Kid movies all day instead.

    • Please to note the location of the corndog and thank you

  13. I was able to get early tickets to see Arcade Fire in August so that was cool. Pre-ordering the album pays off once again! Although they say they want everyone in formal attire and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

    I had a student come up to me today and ask for extra readings about medieval art! It was really cool! He wants to know all about illuminated manuscripts! I HAVE INFLUENCE!!!! It’s so weird!

  14. I have been on “vacation” this week because my company adopted a “use it or lose it” policy about our vacation time without actually telling us so I am taking a number of “vacations” before the end of the year without any plans to actually go anywhere or do anything because going places and doing things requires money I don’t have because my job doesn’t compensate me properly! But whatevs, I have watched almost a whole season of Game of Thrones in the last five days and I just spent over an hour playing Zelda and listening to T.Rex so my life could conceivably be worse.

  15. My day was super, super boring. I did get to wear my pretty new scarf, though, and I can home to find that my aunt had sent me peanut butter fudge, so I can’t complain. I’m getting into winter hibernation mode where all I want to do is wrap myself up in a blanket burrito and read or watch movies.

  16. Today I spent two hours in the dentist’s chair getting my molar whittled down to a nub so that a crown can be put on it. I put some Doctor Who radio shows on my iPod beforehand, so that I’d have something other than dentistry to focus on, but after a couple of minutes I realized that aliens doing weird alien things is the worst possible thing to listen to while a bright light is shining in your eyes and some dark silhouette is wrist deep in your face. So I switched to The Shepherd’s Dog by Iron & Wine and it gave me an idea for a music review column or podcast or something called From The Dentist’s Chair, because you hear music in a totally different way when your teeth are being drilled. For instance, I never picked up on the sinister undertones of that album before. It felt a bit like being trapped in a cellar with some madman who won’t stop whispering his poetry into your ear no matter how much you put your finger to your lips and mime shushing while gesturing wildly with your other hand at the cellar door beyond which lies a world of zombies. Kind of relaxing, but kind of not. I’d give it a 7 from the dentist’s chair. (In my imaginary podcast, you’d hear the sound of a drill now, and maybe maniacal laughter.) Then I switched to R Plus Seven by Oneohtrix Point Never which is surprisingly great tooth whittlin’ music. A lot of it sounds like repurposed dental machinery – or at least it does when combined with the sound of actual dental machinery in your mouth – so I experienced this transcendent moment in which everything was part of the music, like Bjork in that movie, before she gets hanged (spoilers). It was kind of all worth it for that moment. Unfortunately, the album is too soft and atmospheric in places and doesn’t adequately cover the sound of drilling. It gets an 8 from the dentist’s chair (brrzzz, muahaha).

    Now my mouth hurts.

  17. I’ve been knitting together a blanket now for three weeks and I’m kind of worried this blanket will give me arthritis.

  18. I spent all day pitching my boss on this idea then when I finally got the design guy to mock it up for me, the final product looked like a vagina. Everyone thought that, not just me, there’s nothing wrong with me, okay? Also I ghostwrote some tweets for some actors you’ve never heard of so overall I am doing nothing with my life.

  19. Back in the eaztttttttt

  20. I finished up Night Film by Marisha Pessl at lunch and ooh boy it was pretty good! It felt like I was reading the novelization of a 90s supernatural thriller adventure computer game, which is very much a compliment. Only the book was more satisfying because I never completed all those games through to the end, but I finished this thing! (I’m talking specifically about Sanitarium, from, like, 1996 or something? It used to give me hella nightmares.)

  21. I am in craft show prep madness right now, thinking of how much I can knit in 6 days versus how much I can fudge with fancy displays, also how I’m going to make these displays. It stinks you guys! Especially since I will probably only make $44 or something and that’s how much I just spent on a spinning peg board and hooks, so, you know … Follow your bliss.

  22. The USB plug for my laptop cooling station literally just caught fire while I had it on my lap.

  23. Forty minutes ago, a coworker who is a bit of a neatnik brought me a damp towel to swab the coffee rings off my desk and she acted like it was a huge favor. I was annoyed. This coffee ring art has taken months, and it isn’t halfway done yet! YOU DO YOU, LADY.

    • Ugh, worry about yourself lady. She must need more work to do.

    • You might just be misreading the situation. Have you ever considered the idea that maybe she finds you disgusting?

      • Yeah, that immediately occurred to me. She has a very clean and orderly desk, and I can walk past it every day without thinking anything about it or her. But I have noticed some very neat and orderly people can’t walk past a more… relaxed desk situation… without feeling the deathly grip of anxiety.

        It’s kind of funny when you think about it!

        • I fully understand; my desk is a mess. Thing is, I was in the Navy with a guy who was just a disgusting human being, and people would always leave soap and shampoo on his bed for him as a not-so-subtle hint. He had green teeth, and had to go to a special “life skills” school to learn how to shower. When he ended up getting kicked out of the Navy for too much porn, we wouldn’t let any new people take his bed, which he slept naked on with no sheets. There was a pink stain, a green stain, and a yellow stain on the mattress, and they kept growing even after he was gone. As of the time I left the ship, pink was winning.

          All I’m saying is, I did not keep in touch with this guy, so you could be him for all I know. I get where your co-worker is coming from.

          • Uh-oh. What ship were you on?

            I was totally kicked out of the navy for too much porn! Who even knew “Don’t look at porn TOO MUCH” was one of the rules?

            Oh well. At least they taught me how to shower, fly a $100-million jet, and operate a nuclear reactor.

  24. My wife’s new phone arrived today and she hasn’t even taken it out of the box yet. It’s torturing me.

  25. Today was not very exciting. We have a program at our company that will help you make nice-looking presentations and I sent them a list of the slides I need and they were like, “can you make it yourself in PowerPoint and then we’ll just make it better looking?” Which doesn’t seem to me to be that helpful, but I guess I’ll see when they’re done.
    I wore a new sweater today and I liked it a lot. I have an “oxblood” faux leather jacket and it’s tits. It’s *the* tits? Anyway it’s great. Also I’m excited for the South Park about Game of Thrones tonight.

  26. My day is awaiting moderation because I’m a terrorist, apparently.

  27. it should not be physically possible to get a migraine while you have painful shingles. and it should be impossible to fall ill in the last couple of weeks before phd applications are due.
    and yet, that’s how my day was.

    very excited about this dark quiet room i’m in, though.

  28. Today was a bit of a mixed bag. My brother wrote a hilarious email to myself and my mom, and my boss *loved * my presentation about the cost-benefit analysis project I’m leading. But then I realized I’ll need to go back through a ton of backlogged surveys and re-enter a bunch of data which grrrr takes forever, and also Google Maps! More like Google Traps (You In A Cycle Of Re-Entering GPS Points), amirite? (I’m the best at puns.)

    But then we hilariously had a small cat biologist as a guest today, and he had a major chip on his shoulder and kept loudly scoffing at the tiger guy from the back of the room. Hee.

    • I imagined a cat who was a biologist at first. I don’t know why I imagined him wearing a monocle and a lab coat, but that’s what I imagined.

    • I love the idea of a size-based cat scientist rivalry. You think they’re both vying for the same medium-sized cat scientist’s affections? Like, a really foxy lynx specialist?

      • I don’t know! The rivalry jumped up a million notches today, when the small cat guy gave a talk directly slamming the tiger guy! I mean, full on — the hosting professor had to step in and tell him that was enough. Did the tiger guy steal his girlfriend?! I swear, biologist drama is the worst drama.

  29. So I clicked on one of the little ads on top which is an infographic about the habits of intelligent people, and one of them is “they are self-disciplined” and this is shown by comparing virginity rates at top ivy league universities vs regular colleges lololololol

    I don’t think your problem is self-discipline, fellas, I think it’s BEING A NERD. Happily, apparently high IQ increases virginity probability in men more than in women, so smart ladies are getting some!

  30. Sick baby in the house, had to switch antibiotics for an ear infection / fever hovering around 103. Fever down this morning, so so far so good.

    The fortunes of my days rise and fall now with whether or not a baby is pooping normally.

  31. I always forget Wednesday is How Was Your Day day! Mine stunk. I want to be put into a medically induced coma and woken up when my agent knows whether or not my book is getting bought or not. Because the waiting to hear is agony and I think I might break gmail with my constant refreshing.

  32. I am in Austin til Friday evening for work. Currently sitting in my hotel waiting for breakfast to arrive, because apparently I’m allowed to get room service on business trips.

    And no one will see this but I have to tell it anyways: My coworker is in NYC right now and saw Jennifer Lawrence at dinner last night. So jealous. And I guess Oliver Stone was there or something, but who cares about that no-name.

  33. I caught the flu 2 weeks ago, but now I’m okay with the exception of a bad cough and coughing up stuff, so I haven’t been doing my normal activities since then. I just want to not cough anymore and be back to my charming, old self. I got some good grades back for some projects in this one class. My boss wants to throw a “holiday party” (it’s a sham that no one wants or looks forward to), and I’m trying to think of ways to get out of it.

  34. I am Greek and unemloyed so…yeyyy for starvation. I d list I ll be able to blog about it.

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