• Warner Bros. and Jonas Cuarón made a short film showing the other side of the call that happened towards the end of Gravity, titled “Aningaaq.” It is beautiful. -FilmDrunk
  • Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen are getting married. I wonder if Chuck knows. -Dlisted
  • In honor of its 150th anniversary, here are Louis C.K. and Jerry Seinfeld reading the Gettysburg Address for Ken Burns. Happy birthday, the Gettysburg Address! -DeathAndTaxes
  • Vulture has an article up about how Friends decided to put Monica and Chandler together, and guess what, I just watched the Ross wedding episode last night! What a coincidence for me that has nothing to do with anyone else. Anyway, here you go: -Vulture
  • A new trailer has been released for Muppets Most Wanted. Want to watch it? Also, why isn’t it Muppet’s Most Wanted? That doesn’t make any sense. -Muppets
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  1. Congrats, Seth Cohen, you perfect wonderful angel!!!

  2. Maybe Summer and Chuck are getting together. Oooh Chuck should move to Bluebell and snatch away Dr. Summer Hart from the boring hands of that boring boring writer guy.

    • I hate that guy. I hate his face, I hate his personality, I hate absolutely everything about him. In an already ridiculous show, he is the reason that I am very close to just saying “nope!”

      • But Levon Hayes is the greatest mayor ever! And what kind of crazy antics will Lemon get up to this week? Bluebell is like a southern Stars Hollow, they even look exactly the same!

        Zoe’s boyfriend is worse than Dean. He’s like a bad Woody Allen NYC stereotype combined with Dean.

        She needs to date George Tucker and be done with it. Or Lemon’s hot cousin from last season. Or Chuck Bass.

        • She needs to date Lemon.

          • They are too head strong to make that work. Plus since someone from a Josh Schwarz show always runs away to Portland, my guess is that it will be Lemon… especially after she suffers a nervous breakdown due to a lifetime of type-A insanity. She’ll go vegan and become a hippie and George and Levon will have to do a road trip to save her. She’ll probably work at the food co-op down the street from me. Hmmm. That would be a good 4 episode arc. Once again, I waste my Hollywood gold on you people.

  3. Loved Aningaaq. LOVED!

  4. That article about Monica and Chandler is off-putting; it’s hard to remember that things were surprises long after you stop being surprised. See also: George Michaels’ sexual orientation, Bruce Willis being dead the whole time.

  5. Wait, I thought we already came to an agreement as a society that Blair Waldorf was the poor man’s Summer Roberts. What a downgrade, Seth Cohen!

  6. I’m guessing it’s “Muppets Most Wanted” for the same reason “Childrens Hospital” lost the apostrophe when it moved to TV: it’s easier to Google.

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