Whether or not we agree that Gabe Day, son of Daniel Day-Lewis, should be rapping or expressing any of his thoughts or opening his mouth at all, I think one think we can all agree on is that judging someone’s intensely shitty, half-baked rap career a little more harshly than we would a nobody’s intensely shitty, half-baked rap career just because they are the son of a respected, ultra-successful movie star is, in fact, “just as bad as being racist.” Right? I mean, “New Slaves” is about Gabe Day-Lewis and Chet Haze, yeah? Stay strong, my men! (Via Dlisted.)

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  1. This is fucking terrible rap music.

  2. so gabe delahaye dies in a “mysterious” plane crash, and now a new rapper bursts onto the scene whose name just HAPPENS to be an anagram of his name, probably? OPEN YOUR EYES, PEOPLE.

  3. haha 10/10 in the generic jazzy saxophone department

  4. Are we 100% sure this isn’t actually Daniel Day Lewis?

  5. I am mostly surprised that DDL has a family?

  6. It’s not as bad as Chet Haze. We can all agree on that.

  7. Drainage, drainage, Imma speak to ya plain-age
    If you gotta a milkshake, and I gots the same-ege,
    And my straw reaches to where you at
    I! Drink! Your! Milkshake! And your oil, and all that
    Now I’m on a lethal mixture of whisky and gin
    So Imma bash in yo head with this bowling pin

  8. When he said he was self-medicating because his heart and his throat hurt I got really worried so I looked up his symptoms on WebMD and guys, they are getting scarily accurate over there!

  9. Why is there *nothing* cooler than young kids smoking? And yeah I feel him I do lots of “stup shit” too!

    • Actually the only thing cooler than young kids smoking is young white kids claiming their problems are worse than racism while wearing a necklace in the shape of Africa.

      • So true. That and dealing with a celeb dad while you are bipolar.

        • A dad who stays method for YEARS. Kid might not even be bipolar, he could just be reacting normally to a father who spent 3 years as a turn-of-the-century butcher and cobbler and Abraham Lincoln.

          • I may get downvoted BUT I think kids today are over diagnosed with things. Look, I don’t know much about him (the son), and I’m a huge DDL fan, but it just seems that all these diagnoses are thrown around and just because someone’s moody doesn’t mean they’re bipolar.

          • Fair point and not to turn this into a political discussion or anything, but Getting diagnosed with a mental illness is a very important step towards getting better, and the dismissal of the diagnosis can be very damaging to the people suffering. There are a lot of dignosis’ today, but I think it may have to do with the fact that there is more knowledge about mental illness today and you know it’s sad that so many people have them, but hey, human beings are fragile.

  10. where the heck is froggy anyway

  11. There Will Be Rap
    Last of the HipHopicans

  12. Anyone know if Timmy Pacino can rock the ones and twos? Asking for a friend.

  13. I don’t care much for the hip-hoppin’, but this fella’s pretty good IMO!

  14. I’ve heard of being a teenager but this is ridiculous.

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