I didn’t include this video in the list today, because sometimes I like to pretend that I keep a set of “rules” for these lists and that one of those rules is that I don’t include compilation videos (a rule that I have almost certainly broken in the past and will break again in the future), but if you get a chance today, do watch this puppies learning to howl compilation. It’s a real treat. So sweet. A so sweet treat. Now that that’s out of the way, should we watch the rest of the videos? It’s one of those lists that is very cute-heavy. Pretty much just fat balls of fur (oh, gross) rolling around making squeaky noises. Does that sound good to you? I hope it doesn’t! But just trust me that these videos are cute and you’re going to enjoy them and let’s all go together and watch them, yaaaay!

10. Deer Eating Chips

9. Barbary Ram Screams Like A Man

8. Pet Rat Drinks From Tiny Cup

7. Koala On A Gum Crawl + Scary Noise

6. Upside Down Baby Panda

5. Cat Staring Contest

4. Follow The Leader

3. Lion Cubs Sucking On Each Other’s Ears

2. Baby Slow Loris Feeding

1. Box Of Corgi Puppies

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  1. Just in case you didn’t get enough:

  2. The howling puppies woke up my puppy but now he’s back to sleep in a sunbeam.

  3. Upside Down Baby Panda exceeded my (very high) expectations.

  4. The local news had video of a hunter rescuing a deer from a semi frozen lake. He helped her to come right up into his boat! No word whether he shot her afterwards.

  5. That cat is the kind that holds many secrets.

  6. man that box of corgis brightened up my day significantly :)

  7. That goat’s appearance plus the noise it was making kinda reminded me of a creature that would maybe appear in a Guillermo del Toro flick. Honestly, now I am slightly frightened.

  8. Gonna be a Debbie Downer again, but fuck anybody who feeds wild animals. That just ends in a conservation officer having to put that animal down.

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