I’ve had my own trouble with David Blaine (original member of the Pussy Posse [no apologies]) in the past, when he made me stand out in the rain for no reason, and he certainly has a bad rap because of all of the super lame stuff he does and also his personality and voice and demeanor, but MAN can he put a card in a place where it wasn’t before! He is so good at that! His newest special David Blaine: Real Or Magic aired last night and featured appearances by all of our favorite celebrities: Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, Kanye West, Jaden Smith, Harrison Ford, Psy, etc., etc. All of the celebs. And, man. No joke: I loved it! Hahaha. (Please feel free to quote that in the press leading up to the Blu-ray release of David Blaine: Real Or Magic.) The shit that he does? Give me a break! HOW DOES HE DO IT?! (Ugh, you try to write your own blog post about it if you think it would be so easy.) He was really big into spitting water at stuff in this special, which I was not as thrilled about, I have to say. He swallowed fish and spit water into Woody Allen’s tub until the fish came out again, a trick that Steve-O mastered 100 years ago. (Is the trick that he didn’t do the barf noises? If so, that was a major improvement, I’ll give him that.) He would spit water on the street and it would reveal the name or color that a person was thinking of. Obviously the fact that he would reveal the name of the person’s dad or whatever was very impressive — I already told you, I was LOVIN’ IT — but I could have done with less spitting. Hahah. He did tricks for Katy Perry and Katy Perry subsequently 100% wanted to date him for real. Harrison Ford looked like he was going to cry. (“Get the fuck out of my house! …okay?) Olivia Wilde didn’t have a shirt on. He guessed Aaron Paul’s iPhone password. (PS: CAN YOU GUESS HIS PHONE NUMBER? JUST WONDERING, I’LL CALL 2 CHECK IF YOU GOT IT RIGHT.) He touched Will Smith’s shoulder and Jada felt it. He did something with Jaden’s iPhone. (Lots of iPhone work.) Kanye was impressed with how he stuck a needle in his hand. (Which was another disgusting thing that he kept doing.) (SO GROSS HOW DOES HE DO IT?!?!?!?) I don’t know, guys. It was great! This was my face the whole time: :-0 A ton of the celebrity clips are online, and you can watch them after the jump. And you should! PUT A LITTLE MAGIC IN YOUR LIFE, LOOSEN UP, WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE SOMEDAY!

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston

Jaden Smith and Willow Smith

David Blaine X-Rays His Ice Pick Hand

Ricky Gervais

Katy Perry

Woody Allen

Stephen Hawking

Harrison Ford


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  1. So, it’s either real or magic? Shouldn’t he be trying to convince us magic is real?

  2. OMG Stephen Hawking is my hero. And why was Harrisson Ford crying?

  3. I want to be the guy who makes up the names for his tricks.

  4. Kelly’s Stephen “Hawkings” typo made me think there was going to be a trick that resulted in more than one Stephen Hawking. Huuuuge letdown.

  5. My favorite illusion was when he went to the office’s of People magazine and tricked them into thinking Adam Levine was the sexiest man alive. He used playing cards to do so, you see.

  6. this whole special blew my mind. and then when i went to touch my head to feel my blown mind, it wasn’t there. it was in my back pocket, where david blaine left it!

  7. Um these are amazing and totally made my day.

    Great job David Blaine, you weirdo!

  8. Ha! I KNEW he was up to a new special with all this ghost poop business. Tricky, tricky!

  9. Re: Olivia, I was expecting a crop top or something, but that’s definitely just a bra. Huh.

  10. Cat magic? Cat magic is totally real. Flanny can tell you all about it.

  11. Also, I wonder if Blaine’s been kicked out of Pussy Posse because he couldn’t make an Oscar appear for Leo. ZING. Good one, me.

  12. If he set out to definitively prove what is REAL and what is MAGIC he failed: he was within ten feet of Aaron Paul and never told us if his ability to project soulful bedroom eyes is just his real burden in life or if it is some hocus pocus he learned from the devil to make us love him. Not satisfied, 3/10 stars.

  13. Here you go, Kelly.

  14. “Your card is no longer in the deck. Look through the deck, you won’t find it there.”

    “Listen to me very carefully. I have a very special set of skills. I will use these skills to hunt you down and get my card back. When I find you, I will kill you.”

    Deleted Scene, David Blaine shows card trick to Liam Neeson

  15. I can’t watch any of these clips because I can’t stand David Blaine. Fun Fact: in undergrad, as a friend and I were walking to our respective methods of commute, we saw David Blaine doing his whole Hey everybody! Look at me! MAGIC! in a human-sized fishbowl. The fact that he keeps doing stupid stuff and isn’t dead pisses me off a little bit.

  16. I just ate a big lunch and find David Blaine’s voice oddly soothing so now after watching all of these videos I’m ready for a nice long nap!

  17. I don’t think it’s a magical coincidence that his initials are DB.

  18. FYI, the camera cut away until after the fish was regurgitated, so I’m pretty confident in saying that there were definitely in fact barfing noises to be heard if you were in the room. (Barf noises don’t sound magical.)

  19. “Is it got teeth?” – Katy Perry

    • Maybe I have bad eyesight, but it seemed like there was a super obvious camera edit when he pulled that sucker out of her purse. It kind of looked like he pulled it out from under the table.

  20. Pretty good but those are just two little goldfish. Call me back when he swallows Hootie & The Blowfish, regurgitates them, and gives them a second life on the charts

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