MORE SHOTS OF THE INSTRUCTOR SAYING HOW GOOD THEY ARE! Hahah. “We’re putting this on the Internet, and we’re paying you, so.” I would perform the monsters tossing heads dance from Labyrinth. And if anyone protested I would throw a fit because it was MY day and I DESERVE TO DO WHATEVER DANCE I WANT TO DO! FOR THE INTERNET LATER! SO FIGURE IT OUT! (PS: Do you think when he says that she’s willing to stand up for people no matter what the consequences are, that the consequences are possibly going to jail because he murdered somebody?) (I know I’m being mean about this couple, and I apologize, but I’m just saying that that dude scares me and seems like a murderer!) (I’m sure they’re very happy together!!!) (Via Buzzfeed.)

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  1. I’m already married, but Husbandglue and I each did a separate version of Kevin Bacon’s Angry Dance from Footloose. Everybody wept.

  2. “You know, honey, I really feel like we should do something on our wedding day to show everyone how much we love each other and what a great couple we make.”

    “Well, we are getting married that day, so I think they’ll probably assume we-”

    “Don’t fucking cross me right now.”

  3. The climactic Napoleon Dynamite, dance, obviously. When you meet your wife at a Napoleon Dynamite Cosplay convention, there’s really no other option.

  4. You are the Music in Me from High School Musical 2. It’s VERY emotional.

  5. UNRELATED DANCING STORY: When I lived in Rome, my friend and I would occasionally go to a bar that we liked (they let you write on the walls (we wrote Kneel Before Zod)), but it got busy late, so we would get there early. We always saw the same guy there. He would always be there before us, sitting alone on his barstool, bobbing to the music every so slightly. Occasionally, he would try to talk to a girl. It never worked out well for him.

    But when the place really got going, and other people were dancing, he would always leave the barstool and pull out the most amazing moves you’ve ever seen. It is no exaggeration to say that he one took off his jacket and spun it in circles over his head. He was fantastic. We named him Felicity Bojangles, because we were drunk.

  6. We performed that dance where you put your arms around each other and sway slowly. That famous dance.

    But as far as hilarious movie tie-ins to weddings…. they were like “what song do you want playing when you cut the cake?” so of course I was like “idgaf” but we had to pick one, so of course we picked the Jurassic Park theme song. This would have been fine and just a *little* funny but then we had a really hard time cutting the cake (everyone was staring at us!!!) and it took waaaayyyyy too long and I think the DJ was in on the joke because he kept turning the song louder and louder and it made the moment when we finally got the fucking cake on the plate SO MAJESTIC!!! We were laughing our asses off and everyone clapped.

  7. You’ll be a Dentist from Little Shop of Horrors.

  8. That dirty Santa hats talent show dance in Mean Girls.

  9. I want to relive the dance in Badlands that Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen do in the woods to “Love is Strange” by Mickey and Sylvia.

  10. I realize a couples dance would be more appropriate, but what can I say, this will be my chance to show everyone why she married me in the first place.

  11. This, obviously.

  12. “Make em laugh,” but only because I’m marrying Joseph Gordon Levitt and he already knows the dance.

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