Did anyone see anything else on the Internet today, or was it all this GIF of Jennifer Lawrence for you, too? I was about to throw my computer in the garbage because I thought it was broken, but the GIF is just SO DARN LIKABLE! What a sweetheart. Obviously we all know what Jennifer Lawrence is thinking. (“Wait until the blogs get a lot of this one!”) But what are THE MINTS thinking?!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball, but still not nearly as much support for their professional bloopers, sorry.

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  1. The Blunder Games

  2. C’mon Katniss food is scarce here stop wasting all those mints

  3. “Haha, yeah, I totally mint to do that.”

  4. My wife broke a tooth on a Mento once. No caption here, just for real, you guys, be careful around Mentos.

  5. Jennifer Lawrence just seems like your really cool babysitter who would let you stay up late and watch horror movies and give you a little “just between us” glance when your parents got home.

    • “Can we order pizza???” –child me
      “YES! But we have to eat it all before your mom comes home.” –Jennifer Lawrence

    • You mean the glance that you’d misconstrue as sexual interest because you’re just a bit too old for a babysitter? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • She also seems like she’d be fired after my parents thought she was smoking weed before babysitting us

  6. What are the mints thinking? “Huzzah*! Our plan to get on Jennifer Lawrence’s lap has succeeded!”

    *Mints are more formal than you’d imagine.

  7. “We are free! The long winter of our entrapment is at an end,” think the mints. “Alas, our doom is that we carry within us a winter from which there is no escape, the Winter Freshness of our nature.” As one, they consider the approaching floor upon which they will scatter. Soon the tenuous bonds of consciousness allowing them these last few moments of introspection will be broken forever. “As mints we were born and as mints we shall be crushed underfoot. O, the world is a vampire in winter!”

  8. Derrame de Menta de Jennifer Lawrence


  10. Juegos de Hambre Jennifer Lawrence looks adorable fumbling her mints into the floor, but Winter’s Bone Jennifer Lawrence would’ve eaten those mints off the ground.

    Man, I am being too gross this week. Please downvote this comment. It’s the only way I’ll learn.

  11. No lie, I would love to go have a beer with that girl. I think we would really get along, mostly because I too make a disappointed face when I drop my food.

  12. She is the antidote to every magnapinna squid out there.

  13. More like Jennifer More-Mints! (nailed it..woo!)

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