• Want to watch Vince Gilligan unbox Breaking Bad: The Complete Series? You can! If you want! -/Film
  • Speaking of, the much talked about (by Aaron Paul) video of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston reading Breaking Bad’s final script is now available to watch online. It’s like they never left us. -EW
  • Monty Python is reuniting for a stage show, which is nuts. -Splitsider
  • In a recent interview with MTV, Christian Bale explained his voice of Batman voice and it is actually very reasonable and possibly the only reasonable choice? Why doesn’t everyone do a funny voice? -Vulture
  • Captain Phillips writer Billy Ray is adapting F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Last Tycoon for HBO. Announced the same day that Taylor Swift Instagrammed a photo of an F. Scott Fitzgerald quote from another novel. Coincidence?!? -Deadline
  • I love conspiracy theories MORE than the next person, but this Brittany Murphy one only makes me feel gross and sad. So, uh, here you go? Hahah. EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT IT, MIGHT AS WELL! -FilmDrunk
  • Elizabeth Berkley talked about her Saved by the Bell wardrobe on Bethany Frankel’s show and, as it turns out, she was not a fan. -Dlisted
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  1. “I guess there won’t be a sequel.”

    Ha ha guess again, Cranston!

  2. i feel like i am basically the only person in the world who did not have a problem with the batvoice.

    • I am actually a frequent defender of the batvoice (as though it is some kind of serious position?). You’ve got a guy who, sure he trained with the League of Shadows and has billion dollar gadgets, but at the end of the day is just a regular person. I find the batvoice a really humanizing and subtle element to the whole thing (along with the terrible interrogation skills) because honestly if any one of us won the lottery or something and decided to become a masked vigilante the first time we had to speak en masque and realized we couldn’t use our real voice? That is exactly the voice we would do. I would 100% do a terrible, gruff as possible voice. (Am I taking this too seriously?)

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