Yep. That’s us! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. Ice, baby. Baby, ice. Ice ice baby.

  2. Kelly must have had a seriously relaxing weekend if she’s being this calm about winter danger.

  3. This looked like it was almost Baby’s last walk on ice too

  4. The head hitting the ice at the end was not a result of a slip but after hearing this joke:

    Q: What’s another name for ice?
    A: Skid stuff!

  5. With that puffy headgear, this girl makes me think of a young Oksana Baiul.

  6. Look out, Zac Efron!!!!

  7. At first I was like “Is Kelly trying to say that we are all constantly stomping around, taking enjoyment where we can but forever wary that tragedy could strike at any moment?” And then the baby fell on its face for no real reason other than it’s a baby and I was like “Oh. Now i get it.”

    • I thought it was because I had this tiny baby parka as a toddler, so it is fair to assume everyone else did too and Kelly was looking at all our baby pictures this weekend.

  8. I have already sent the gif of this to all the relevent people in my life. it really makes me happy. Also, perfect Monday feeling.

  9. Well, there goes my frontal lobe.

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