Matthew McConaughey is GQ‘s “Leading Man of the Year” in its “Men of the Year” issue, which is just so great for Matthew McConaughey. It would, of course, be enough for him to be GQ‘s “Leading Man of the Year,” but his interview shows that there are even greater things to come. After sharing a story about accepting a wrestling challenge in an African village, he gives us a peek:

McConaughey lowers his voice back into his Tarzan accent. “It is not about whether you win or lose,” he says. “It is whether you accept the challenge.”

McConaughey pauses to let the power of the words resonate. He is an avid collector of bits of wisdom like this. “I got 821 of them,” he says, nodding toward a slim laptop containing “aphorisms, bumper stickers, truths, and rhymes,” many of which he has come up with himself. Lately he has been writing bits of rap songs. “Rollin’ through yellow lights on my skateboard,” he speak-sings. “Kiss the fire and walk away whistlin’.”

AHHHHHH! Move over Marshall Mathers, ’cause there’s a new guy with two “M” names who is just p-p-p-POISED to take over the rap game! He is already my favorite rapper and I love him so much!! PLEASE LET US ALL IN THAT LAPTOP! Ugh, I wish I could live in that laptop. That’s what I love about Matthew McConaughey, man. I get older and he has a laptop containing 821 aphorisms, bumper stickers, truths, and rhymes! LET US IN!  #kissthefire #walkawaywhistlin

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  1. Sounds like the challenge was running a red light on his skateboard and he lost.

  2. Well he’s nice to look at.

  3. Even though he is obviously a ridiculous person, I just can’t help but like McConaughey. He’s like that friend from college that you’re kind of embarrassed of, and wouldn’t go out of your way to introduce to your current friends, but you keep in touch with because he’s a genuinely good-hearted dude and just wants everyone to chill out and be happy.

  4. Sure you do, Matt. More like Dallas Liars Club, amirite?

  5. The hook to his first single is almost definitely “Alright alright alright/Alright alright allllll night.”

  6. I don’t think he’s got the skills to be a headlining emcee, but he can definitely be one of the guys in the background just walking around with a mic and pumping up the other rappers and audience by chiming in with “Alright alright alright” every now and again.

  7. Did you guys ever see the footage of him from, ummm, probably about fifteen years ago on the Daily Show talking for about half an hour about watching his goats having sex? Look it up and you will not regret it ever.

  8. Well, it worked for Joaquin Phoenix!

  9. But how will he have time to write raps when he’s going to see Aerosmith in 2 weeks?

  10. I came here to make an “Alright, alright alright” joke. Too easy, obviously.

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