Hey, do you want to listen to a podcast that has something to do with animals and pets? If so, I’d suggest listening to the most recent episode of Kurt Braunohler’s podcast, which features Jenny Slate talking about her dog. Videogum is sponsored by that episode of Kurt Braunohler’s podcast today, so please go there and type in the code VGUM69 and you’ll get 10% off of your podcast just kidding, but I listened to it yesterday and it was delightful. Plus what else is there to talk about in this preamble before the animal videos? The weather? It’s cold out. Wait — it’s thirty-five degrees here today! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! That’s winter weather! I was kidding when I mentioned talking about the weather, but now that I look at it, it is ridiculous. Man oh man. I hope you all remembered your coats today! But. Ahh. Okay, let’s get to the videos! YAAAAAAAAY!

10. Corgi On A Twisty Slide

9. Cat Licks Dog

8. Synchronized Meerkats

7. Hippo Rolls Over

6. Lemurs Climb On Lady

5. Little Kitten + Big Dog

4. Baby Rhino Plays In The Rain

3. Porcupine Thinks He’s A Puppy

2. Big Old Bully Puppy

1. Parrot Really Wants A Kiss!!!

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  1. That porcupine video led to a long campaign by my partner for us to “get a porcupine.” Reason would not sway him. I think access may be the only thing saving my home from being decorated in quills.

  2. THAT PORCUPINE! Also: does it mention in the vid why he/she is missing so many quills in the back?!? I am watching at work and can’t turn the sound up. Poor porcupine! Get well soon!

    • Ah! I am the one who sent in the porcupine vid and I’m insane with excitement! But my coworker, who turned me on to this video, and I discussed the missing quills and we thought maybe they weren’t missing at all, but he just had all his quills up and if he stopped being so excited, they’d lay back down over that patch. However, what do we know!

      • I assumed that since it looks to be a pretty human-friendly fellow, the owners must have removed the quills somehow (I imagine they must come out pretty easily?) to keep everyone from being pincushioned every time it wants to hang out.

        • I google imaged a little to see if my theory held up, but I didn’t get far because there are a lot of pictures of various animals with just tons of quills stuck in their faces/paws/bodies/everywhere. :(

    • I can help! I live in an area with a lot of wild porcupines, and hen they’e out meandering around, I’ve noticed that a lot of them do have that same quill pattern. I think Flanny is right about the quills being up, and when they are more relaxed, they would be laying flat.

  3. little kitten + big dog is the greatest video I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  4. Danny Trejo’s dog approves of this post.


  6. I can’t believe parrots can do that! They are amazing and bizarre!

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