The final Blockbuster rental happened in Hawaii on November 9th at 11PM, and will live on forever in this photo which was tweeted today by the Blockbuster Twitter account. It is, appropriately, the movie This Is the End. Man. I thought I didn’t care that Blockbuster was closing because first of all I thought all of those stores closed a bunch of years ago and second of all it is just a chain of stores and do you know what is happening to human beings these days?, plus third of all it’s 2013 and human beings have evolved to not care about(/pay for) anything, but man is that Twitter account sad! And looking at the Blockbuster logo is making me kind of sad! Man oh man. Listen, do NOT go to the Blockbuster Twitter account page. Just stay here, think about how we and everyone we love are all going to die someday, and CAPTION THIS FINAL RENTAL!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and immortality.

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  1. And then they said, “You have to return it in 2 days!”

  2. Those guys looks unusually thrilled about their impending unemployment.

  3. As far as I’m concerned, the video rental industry has been on a decline ever since they shut down the place where my brother worked in high school that had an adult film called “Alice In Wonderland” that you could get away with renting by switching the video with that of the Disney cartoon. That was really the high point of the entire industry.

    • Is that the one where Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are brother and sister? I may have seen it… I really like my porns with plots. You may scoff with disbelief, but I fast forward through the sex and just watch the storylines because they are the literal height of comedy, although this one was just kind of uncomfortable.

    • The weird, musical “Alice in Wonderland” adult film from the 70s that I’ve definitely never downloaded nor seen?

  4. Towards the end of high school, Blockbuster started a program wherein you paid a monthly fee for unlimited rentals. You just brought in your last DVD and exchanged it for a new one. Kind of a Netflix without the mail before Netflix existed.

    Anyway, it was kind of a lonely time for me, but I had just got my driver’s license, and was starting to get into movies. And I absolutely tore through the stock at my local Blockbuster. I saw a whole bunch of the most “important” (or just my favorite) “serious” movies for the first time because of that deal: 2001, Amadeus, Chinatown, Citizen Friggin’ Kane… not to mention the first season of Arrested Development and the the original Broadway recordings of Into the Woods and Sunday in the Park with George, the former of which I later auditioned for at school because I fell so much in love with the show based on its DVD.

    Anyway, RIP Blockbuster. See you in Heaven!!

    • Mine introduced me by fluke to the greatest Peter Sellers movie of all time, The Mouse That Roared. Which I then bought from them because when I rented it for the fourth time, the guy was like “You are the only person ho has ever rented this movie. You should just buy it.”

      • I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE The Mouse That Roared! It was my favorite incidental viewing of a non-cable random local channel Sunday afternoon movie I’ve never heard of EVER!

  5. Did they each rent a copy?

  6. You could say they’ve…..

    gone bust.

  7. A hefty percentage of my nearly 250 DVDs came from the Blockbuster 4-for-$20 section so I truly do mourn the loss.

  8. That was a good movie.

  9. Did anybody ever go to a Blockbuster that was closing? They sold EVERYTHING. They were selling surplus toilet paper!

    It’s stupid to announce they’re going out of business, though. Who’s gonna return a movie when they hear that? The video store where my brother worked, when they closed down they said that they were doing inventory. They actually DID do inventory, so they could auction off their stock. The owner paid me less than minimum wage to help. I tried to get revenge by stealing his one adult movie, “Alice In Wonderland.” Unfortunately, somebody had switched the tapes, and I ended up with the Disney movie.

  10. It’s weird that they upfront charged him $47 in late fees but I’m not here to tell people how to do their jobs

  11. Those guys could just swap their nametags for Best Buy ones and be all set.

  12. “Hang loose.”
    - Blockbuster Video,1985-2013

  13. We have to go back to the island… to return our videos!

  14. When I turned 18 and got a Blockbuster card, I put my brother on as a person who could rent. But I restricted his movies to G or PG the day before I left for college. That’s my favorite Blockbuster memory. I still cherish it. Hahahaha.

    • My favorite Blockbuster memory is never going back after I returned 21 late, because I didn’t want to pay late fees on such a garbage movie.

  15. I have never seen three people so happy to be inside a Blockbuster.

  16. Three of the biggest dorks alive try to drum up excitement for the rainy-day activity at surfing camp.

  17. Video killed the radio star? More like Netflix killed the video bazaar!

    Yes nailed it solid joke I’ll see you all in hell Borat voice

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