I do appreciate the update on our friends Amy and Samy and their novelty business and personal nightmares, so I hate to nitpick, but…you wait until the very end to tell us that they’ve “agreed to do another reality show” and you don’t tell us what that show is going to be, or if it is even actually going to be a real show?! WHY EVEN WATCH THE NEWS? (Via ONTD.)

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  1. She’s right about one thing – they took two days of shooting and condensed it down to the parts where they acted like fucking maniacs.

    But here’s the thing about that – I’m pretty sure that most people in any 48 hour span don’t have that many moments of unhinged lunacy. Possibly even zero moments. And that’s not even assuming that they know they’re being recorded for a network show!

    So anyway, bold stance, she cray.

    • Seriously man. I mean, I feel like I am particuarly emotional, stressed out, and angry lately, and in the last week you couldn’t get anywhere near that amount of footage. The best you’d have would be me punching my computer in the face. And I only did that once.

    • My 48 hours of lunacy would consist of me crying on my couch and then trying to get it together and then almost falling asleep at my desk.

      I work from home.

    • I would guess that Gordon Ramsey, or rather the Gordon Ramsey persona he brings out for American television, has a knack for bringing out the worst in people. But certainly you have to be a nasty piece of work to look that crazy with or without someone calling you a “fucking donkey”.

  2. Nooooope. Just don’t look and they will die.

  3. How does she look less human now?

  4. “I don’t chase people out of my restaurant with sharp objects. I chase them out with blunt objects. Let’s be real here.”

  5. Also, I see Amy as Sweet Dee if she was obsessed with baking instead of acting.

  6. Paw-tective custody is actually kind of adorable if said by a person who is not certifiably insane. I’ll leave it to the individual to determine if saying “Paw-tective custody” alone is enough to declare somebody certifiably insane.

  7. “We are going to go out in a blaze of glory” <– I am 98% sure she doesn't know what this means.

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