• Here are some new photos from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, including one that is very funny but apparently a “spoiler,” so I didn’t chose it as the image for this post. I don’t know what it could be spoiling, though. That the movie is actually a prank? -/Film
  • Speaking of pranks, Sacha Baron Cohen pranked the audience of an award show. MY WIFE! -Uproxx
  • I was linked to this article about 18 TV couples that should have made it and my immediate thought was “RORY AND JESS BETTER BE THERE,” and they are the header image. LOL. Classic. -AVClub
  • Courtney Stodden legitimately already seems to be much more of a human being, post-divorce. I wish her the best. And also I wish her no more lip injections, U R A CHILD STILL. -HuffingtonPost
  • And finally, here is Glenn Beck playing with dolls for ten minutes. I’m actually not going to watch this one because I just can’t and you can’t make me, but feel free! If you can! -DeathAndTaxes
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  1. BIG MISTAKE not watching the Glenn Beck video. I’ve already seen it a few times and it is just great. It’s not even shrill like he used to be, it’s just confused and kind of sad. The man is a ruby-red-slipper-wearing shell of his former lunatic self.

    • Maybe Glenn Beck had some Flowers for Algernon-type serum happening when he was at his most manic/popular, and now he’s on the down-swing. This is spiraling toward a tragic end.

    • Also Glenn Beck’s intro quote was a bastardization of Granda Simpson’s advice to Homer about what being with-it means over time. It was the Hullapalooza episode and Homer said he’s going to keep rocking forever… forever… forever.

    • So Glenn Beck has finally, truly lost it right? Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention lately, but holy crap he seems so much crazier than usual. He really is drunk uncle, but without the alcohol. Good lord, this is kind of beautiful and kind of awul. I can’t decided if this is even schadenfreude.

      Actually, scratch that. He sounds like a 4 year-old making up a story.

  2. The intellectual struggle over whether or not Jo and Laurie should have ended up together will be my life’s work. Sadly, it does not pay.

    • I know! I go back and forth. On the one hand, the way their situation plays out is actually quite realistic, and it’s nice to see a female character who doesn’t meet her ~destined true love~ when she’s still a kid. But on the other, ugggghhh Dr. What’s-his-face and uggggggghhh times infinity Laurie and Amy.

      • I am actually a pretty big fan of Dr Bhaer. I think he and Jo make an excellent couple. (But my favorite March sister coupling is Meg and Mr. Brooke. I know he is a snooze, but I just love him!)

        • I didn’t believe Amy was anything other than a pity-marry until I saw her in later years, when she does make more sense as Laurie’s grown-up partner. I find it easier to believe in the wholesome, healthy sex lives of Amy/Laurie and Jo/Mr Bhaer, too – Jo/Laurie would have to be pretty kinky. Laurie definitely wears the corset in that relationship. (AHH, I bet there is the creepiest fan fic about this.)
          The spoiler of Mr. Brooke still makes me sad to think about, though.

        • True–I think my biased against Dr. Bhaer is mostly due to 12-year-old me not fully appreciating Gabriel Byrne’s foxiness. And yes, Meg and Mr. Brooke! I’m 100% here for just plain nice, sensible people falling in love and being happy and drama-free.

          • True confession: Meg has always 100% been my favorite March sister, and I had a weird crush on Eric Stolz in my younger years, so I was really happy with that casting.

          • Having crushed hard on Winona and Christian Bale from childhood onwards, the turning point came when I drunk-watched LW in college and realized Gabriel Byrne was almost intolerably attractive. See also: Giles, although none of the younger Buffy characters ever did much for me.

  3. Where would the hyphen go in Spiderfireman? Spider-Fireman or Spiderfire-Man? I guess the first one because the second one makes it look like he’s fighting spiderfires. But I’d definitely watch a movie with spiderfires in it, whatever they are. So I’m torn.

    • And a lean, silent figure slowly fades into the gathering darkness, aware at last that in this world, with great power there must also come — great responsibility!

      Simon (thought bubble): “Those spiderfires won’t fight themselves! Only a monk can stop them! A monk like me!”

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