Oh no. We knew Obamacare signified the quickly approaching end of the world, but we didn’t know it would happen like this! DOLPHINS SWIMMING IN THE SKY? Oh no. Ohh no. More horrifying than we could have ever imagined. We deserve it! REPENT! Gather your family and head to your bomb shelters, see if that works! Remember to bring extra pairs of glasses LOL, THIS IS NOT A TIME FOR REFERENCE JOKES! (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. Whoever shot this used the illusion really well.

  2. On study abroad (gentlemen), we were learning the conditional, or whatever it was called. We all had to make up “what if” questions in German and pose them to our classmates and then the classmates had to answer them in German. (I was studying abroad in Korea JKJK.) One of my classmates came up with the question, “What would you do if penguins could fly?” And the responding classmate, a very nice girl name Allie, said, in English, “I would get out a gun and shoot it down out of the sky. That’s not right.” That’s how I feel about these dolphins.

  3. I’m suspicious of dolphins mainly because they seem to like us so much. Like, come on, dolphins, you’ve had plenty of time by now to realize that people are the worst. Why do you still want to be friends? What’s your game?

  4. at first i thought there would be a hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy joke, then I was like wait, is that a reference to that one episode of the twilight zone?

  5. I wish I was wherever this was shot instead of where I am.

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