Why are scented candles so expensive? I’d say the ideal way to enjoy these Petting Zoo videos today would be to leave work or school early, pick up a soup snack, go home, dim the lights, light your $100 Frederic Malle candle, grab your laptop, take out your contacts, put on your glasses, wrap yourself in a blanket on the couch, and watch them. Literally the only problem with this plan is that that candle is so expensiveeeee and I don’t know whyyyyyyyeeee! First Michael Jordan’s mansion, and now this? Will we ever be able to afford the things that we NEED in this world? Ugh. UGH. IT’S LIKE WE HAVE THE WORST LIVES EVER I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH IT. At least we have these videos, though, and we can enjoy them without spending a dime! Not counting the cost of our computers and Internet, or the amount of money our companies lose whenever we spend so much time watching animal videos at work! WHATEVER, WHO CARES, LET’S GOOOOOOOO! (Number one is so good!!!)

10. Corgi Does A Thing

9. Goat Pushing Wagon

8. Gymnast Bear

7. Gibbon Scream

6. Sleepy Baby Warthog

5. Bear Cub And Puppy

4. Cat Would Just Like Some Dinner, Please

3. Uhhhh…Dog “Takes Care Of The Baby”

2. Zero Gravity Quail Chicks?!?!

1. Baby Monkey Eats Chips With Cats

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  1. So …. what do we think the motivation was behind training the dog in #3 to do that?

  2. That baby monkey is adorable, but he shouldn’t be eating chips! Except as a rare treat! On special occasions! Maybe it’s his birthday.

    I caught the neighbor kids teasing the other neighbor’s dog yesterday. They are, like, 7 and 9 or so. They got off the school bus and Sam the poodle was wandering the neighborhood as usual. So they would pick up a rock and hold it out to Sam like it was a treat. When he would come over to sniff, they threw the rock at him! I yelled out the window (I’m now the crazy neighbor lady I guess) but they couldn’t see where the yell was coming from. So they kept up their mean game! By the time I got outside Sam’s mom was taking him in.

  3. Bear and puppy reminded me that it is almost time to order my Interspecies Friends Calendar 2014.

  4. Giiiiiiiibaaaaaaaaaaaaaans!

  5. Baby In 2007, Ethan created an archive of filmed interviews with 30 remaining victims of Nazi persecution at Selfhelp. wuz robbed!

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