Also your teacher is still at school. GET BACK TO WORK! (Via ViralViral.)

PS: You’re young — why don’t you know how to use your phone camera?
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  1. “Why are you filming me?” Is this like something he does every day? Like that’s how he normally grades tests and stuff?

  2. Sweet Georgia Brown!

  3. I don’t know why but the theme song to “What’s Happening” was running through my head as I watched this.

  4. Oh teachers. Don’t try to be cool! Sure, it might go ok like this seems to have, but it could also lead to a FAIL and you will never get that egg off your face. Like the time my sister’s Spanish teacher was showing off his new Nalgene (back when those were new) and talking about how it was so tough it wouldn’t break even if he dropped it on the floor, and to demonstrate, he dropped it on the floor and it broke and water went everywhere.

  5. Looks like that’s one teacher who really knows how to take young minds for a spin.

  6. why is that tall child sitting at the teacher’s desk

  7. One of my favorite things about being an adult is having teacher friends who talk about their students all the time. You know how adults would always tell you that your teacher didn’t hate you and didn’t compare you to your older brother in an unfavorable way? Not true at all! Teachers hate tons of students and they talk about it constantly!

    • Yes! Lately I have been enjoying Facebook so much more because of this.

    • This is very true, but they do gush about good students too

      • I have one guy that is awesome and I really want him to take more art history classes. I don’t even know if he likes it, I just think he should take more because he’s good at it.

    • Yep. Also those times you joked that you thought your teacher was drunk or hung over, they totally were.

      • Or high as shit. We had an art teacher that we joked about always being stoned when I was in high school, and having talked to two of my favorite teachers almost two decades later, they have confirmed he was indeed a huge, huge pothead and was probably stoned more than once at school. As if we really needed confirmation – we watched 20 minutes of Tron every Friday the entire semester I had him. It was a highlight of the week.

    • Yup. I do it all the time…

    • My friends kept a binder of notes they found and would read them drunk at parties or put them up on the refrigerator. I used to warn my young cousins that the #1 thing teachers make fun of is terrible grammar, not the dumb teen drama.

  8. I can’t watch this video at work, so maybe this guy really is a cool teacher, but I just wanted to share the fact that my friends and I dubbed the phenomenon of teachers and professors who clearly think they’re constantly blowing their students’ minds and filling them with wonder “Dead Poet’s Society Syndrome.”

    We meant it fondly, because we weren’t total jerks, but oh my god did it get old. Especially when you’re in grad school and you just want to hand your shit in and go home and sleep already.

    • As someone who has only a month of grad school left, I concur with the “just hand the shit in and go home and sleep”. Please don’t try and teach me life lessons, profs. I’m in my 30′s and really just need the piece of paper so I can get a raise. Thanks.

      • I remember when one of the worst offenders said something like “And isn’t it really the empty space that defines a cup?” and then paused and looked around like she was just waiting for the light bulb moments and enlightened gasps, and we were all like, “Lady, this is a goddamn Library Science class. Give the freaking lecture about collection development already.”

    • I have one professor who just runs out of ideas, asks us what we want to share with the class and lets us out at halfway through out class time. I love the lack of fluff.

  9. So THAT’S how lady parts work! Thanks, sex ed!

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