I don’t know, I already used up what I wanted to say in the title. PS: DON’T SHOOT! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. I am v. curious about the elk thought process that led it to want to go in there in the first place. Also, awww to the friend who ran over all “Yay! You made it!” when it finally got out.

  2. Way to moose things up, elk!

  3. Get the fuck off that trampoline Ted Nugent no one wants you here

  4. Someone’s a little elkcited to be in that trampoline.

  5. That lady borderline sounds like Linda Belcher.

  6. How is that elk so much better at being on a trampoline than any human?

  7. “What the felk just happened?” –that elk.

  8. Everyday I am that Mom elk. “Stop screwing around! C’mon, let’s go! What? How’d you get in there? You don’t know? How do you not know? Seriously, stop screwing around we’ve got to go! Damnit. Finally.”

  9. Oh man I hate Shawna. That woman’s voice just makes me want to smash my desk. What is it about that woman that makes her so obnoxious? Like, I couldn’t even pay attention to the video because the entire time I was bracing for her ridiculous voice.

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