It’s great to see a star athlete going hard on the court and taking it to the hoop for his fellow other team-mates. This is truly what the game is all about. You can only take it to the hoop for your own team so many times before you have to put shoes to the other guys’ wood for a classic two-point score! The American game has never felt so alive, and it’s good to see boys being boys. Play ball! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. This calls for overpriced sympathy nachos.

  2. That was pretty rad.

  3. Basketball’s version of a trampoline accident right there.

  4. Speaking of sports, everyone see the Denver Nuggets’ mascot Rocky pass out while being lowered from the rafters?!

  5. I think Kentucky also has twin brothers on their team this year. With that and this madcap shot, we are only a few steps away from a classic sports comedy blockbuster.

    • Is there a person on their team named, like, Alex, that is really good but really quiet and then one day someone accidentally knocks off the baseball cap that Alex always wears and then a tumble of beautiful blonde hair spills out and it ends up Alex was Alexandra this whole time!

    • Are there any Plumlees left at Duke? If so, I suggest getting a few of them in there, fostering a real Hatfield/McCoys-type feud with whatever the Kentucky family is, then sending them both to the Final Four to have it out on the court.

      I would say send them to the championship, but I’m a UNC fan and I may be disowned if I wrote that story.

  6. His face afterwards is perfect. It’s like a split second of anger quickly morphing into “Ah hell, that was pretty awesome.”

  7. YES! more plz

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