Man, what a slow Internet news day! BOOOOORING! I’m practically snoozing over here at the mere thought of how slow the news has been today, like a god damn snail. (The slow news is like a god damn snail, not me.) Thank god we have this video of Spock dancing with women at some weird Las Vegas outdoor dance party to get us through the end of the day, before we can get home and make dinner and kiss our wives and read a novel and do some cleaning and have some wine and see if we won our Fantasy Football game this week and try to forget that it has looked like nighttime since, like, 4PM. Right? THANK GOD 4 THIS VIDEO! DANCE BREAK OVER! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. Huh. Must be pon farr.

  2. It’s amazing what a yard of margarita will make people do. Not that I know first hand…

    • At first I thought, “Why is a crowd circling this girl that doesn’t know how to dance very well?” Then I saw the giant drink, thinking, “Well, must be Vegas. I guess that explains it.”

      • Vegas is the only place where drinking a yard of frozen crappy margarita is a civic duty. One I’ve fulfilled exactly twice and I hope never to do again. It wasn’t even good tequila…

  3. The red-haired girl in the sunglasses is me at every event where I fail to notice not everyone is as drunk as I am.

  4. I really hate that Rhianna song! Sorry Rhianna!

  5. Speaking of slow days, I made something stupid. You should join in if you want.

  6. I don’t really think it’s fair to repeatedly call him a “Rude Boy”. He’s just Vulcan and doesn’t understand your strange human emotional responses.

  7. I am still at work, so I am going to watch this video and be jealous.

    I need a whiskey. Likerightnow.

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