There weren’t a whole lot of our normal comedies on this week, so let me take this moment to ask: What are you watching that we don’t ever mention because of how we are stuck in our ways? Are you watching shows on Adult Swim that you’d like us to cover? Are you watching, I don’t know, The Goldbergs? Are you watching Trophy Wife? I’m watching Trophy Wife because Emily Nussbaum tweeted about it 400,000 times, so I thought if Emily Nussbaum was going to tweet about how something is actually pretty good 400,000 times, you might as well check it out and see if it is actually pretty good. And it is! Michaela Watkins is so great in everything she does, and she is great on this show, too. Malin Akerman is a treat. Bert and Warren are great, weird little kids. It’s not my fave new show, the jokes are more or less the kind you’d expect from a primetime ABC show, but, as Emily Nussbaum said and said and said on Twitter, it is actually pretty good! So there’s that. WHAT ELSE?! Tell me. Otherwise: PeeWee Herman was on Comedy Bang Bang‘s Halloween episode, and I just loved it so much. Scott Auckerman had been hyping that episode more than any other before the season’s premiere, and if I didn’t love PeeWee so much there might have been some disappointment in how it wasn’t a particularly special episode outside of his involvement, but I do love him so much and I THOUGHT IT WAS GREAT! Although it was similarly special and (somewhat) sentimental, I did not, unfortunately, love It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘s “The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6.” (Probably because it skewed male LOL.) I haven’t been into the idea enough in the past to be able to enjoy another full episode of it, so it seemed kind of tedious at points. Though I did love “Our audience has come to expect that from us.” Hahah. Ahh. Did you watch any episodes of The Pete Holmes Show? That premiered this week, and featured our friends Chelsea Peretti and Kumail Nanjiani! They were fun! I’m glad that there is a television show that they can go on and that we can watch! WHAT DID YOU THINK, TELL MEEEE!

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  1. I did see part of one episode of The Pete Holmes Show! It was good! I was very surprised to find out there was a show called The Pete Holmes Show, because I haven’t watched Conan in forever and missed what I presume were tons of promos for it. I was also very surprised that it was Conan’s 20th anniversary show for the same reason. Also good!

    Also, I bought new pants that I really like.

  2. I have watched some episodes of @Midnight, mostly because I’m too lazy to change the channel after Colbert, but also because I have seen some of our friends on it. It’s incredibly hit or miss, and while I have nothing against Chris Hardwick, I could never get into that Nerdist style of humor. I will probably continue to watch it, but only as background TV.

  3. Pure Camp had its last episode yesterday which is a bummer. TBH it was never quite as funny as I wanted it to be but I just like having Sharon and Alaska in front of my face. Well, mostly I like having Alaska making faces like this in front of my face:

  4. If The Mindy Project turns my I-should-like-this-and-don’t anxiety up to 5, The Pete Holmes Show turns it up to 11.

  5. I know they’re supposed to be meta about it, but does the black face on It’s Always Sunny make anyone else uncomfortable?

    • I’m all over the place on it.

      It’s used to show how inappropriate Mac is, how out of touch he is. But it’s also an indication of how much he adores Lethal Weapon. He wants to be Murtaugh. The blackface and hair and everything are indicative of this. It’s a perversely sweet gesture that obviously comes off as anything but.

      Does that mean it’s OK? I laughed at Dee even as I cringed. The “it’s funny because it’s offensive” comedy trope has certainly run its course, but I’ve always felt Sunny magically walked that line well and never used it as an excuse to make fun of minorities, the handicapped, etc. Maybe it’s because the characters are 1) so insanely naive and 2) clearly running critiques of American society and its many, many flaws.

      This still doesn’t really resolve the blackface. I mean, don’t we all already know it’s wrong? And haven’t we already seen this Lethal Weapon thing from them?*

      *Lethal Weapon, along with Die Hard, is the movie I will stop and watch if I come across it on cable. It’s just hardwired in me, so I appreciate their tributes, especially the endless saxophone punches in response to every line of dialogue. That was just great.

      • I think you summed up exactly how I feel. :)

      • Well, in the Lethal Weapon 5 episode was prefaced by a long discussion about blackface and racism, which also tied into the resolution of the plot. It was clear that everyone except children and the Gang understood the problem.

        Here everyone, including the “normal” people they show the movie to, just accepts it without comment. I think even one comment would have gone a long way. Anyone watching this without having seen Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s Youth saw blackface presented uncritically.

        I agree with you, but I’m pretty confident declaring this instance not okay.

  6. I might be the only person watching Hello Ladies.

    It’s funny, especially the scenes with Kyle Mooney (that dude has been a favorite since his time on Norm Macdonald’s old sports comedy show). But it’s hollow.

    Lee Eisenberg, Stephen Merchant and Gene Stupnitsky are killer writers and they’ve been involved in the writing/directing of every episode. But Merchant’s character is like Michael Scott/David Brent if those characters had never learned anything.

    Each episode just resets the characters where we saw them from the start, so there’s no cumulative emotional growth or insight.


    • I watched a few episodes, too. V. funny!

      The most recent episode was almost too painful in parts. When Stephen Merchant asked his divorced friend (Wade?) to host the pool party at his condo instead of just having it at his beautiful, hip Holloywood mansion? Whaaaaat was he thinking?! I was yelling that at the TV. “Whaaaaaat are you thinking?!”

      • I saw that episode. He threw the party there so his own house wouldn’t get messed up.

        But the problem is he once again found his lack of consideration for others, his insistence on trying to be what he thinks others want him to be, to be his Achilles heel. But he already knew that!

        He found himself exactly where he was at the end of the previous episode. And the one before that. It just feels so predictable. Every episode you know he’s going to end up alone and defeated — and none the wiser.

        • That’s a ridiculous complaint. Seinfeld had 10 years of hopelessly unchanging characters. Not to mention it’s the very beginning of the show, and you’re expecting a significant evolution on the resolution of his flaws and shortcomings.

    • Late reply here, but I’ve also been watching it and like it very much.

    • I’m also watching Hello Ladies…I find Stephen Merchant charming. Yeah the plotlines are predictable but I like that it is kind of a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” starring people with a lot less money. Each episode has had a number of good laughs although sometimes the “cringe comedy” gets a little over-the-top. (Again, like Curb.) Oh and the roommate is adorable.

    • It’s the funniest show right now and it’s got a wonderful opening credit. So, yes, I’m watching it too. Also enjoying: Philly (not their best season but the effort is great as always), The League (some great episodes this far along with some weak, as usual), Kenny P (it’s almost television history we’re watching right now, right?) and, well, no-hiatus Parks is in a rut but I don’t mind that when it’s a good show with cool people. But, boy, am I dissapointed with Homeland so far. The twist? Come on.

  7. Easbound and Down was pretty funny. as per ushe, especially when Stevie dressed as Hunter S. Thompson for no eason

  8. I watched Please Like Me on Pivot The Channel For Millenials. It’s by Josh Thomas and is pretty fun.

  9. I’ve decided The Goldbergs is Christmas Story, except it’s a Jewish family in the 80′s instead of a Christian family in the 50′s. Same narrator/voice over brother looking back at his childhood. I like when they edit in some of his real family videos at the end. The actor they got to play his older brother looks remarkably like his real older brother.

  10. I didn’t think it was possible to take an awkward picture of Pete Holmes, but it looks like someone pulled it off.


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