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  1. Since I apparently cannot shut the fuck up about Facetaquito and his amazing stop sign costume, he and I have been practicing, and he’s decided that he’s going to go to every door and say “Trick or treat, stop!” He is either really getting into his costume or think he’s delivering a telegram.

  2. off-topic but within the last hour i’ve decided i’m going to throw caution to the wind and go to a halloween party tonight even though i have to be up really early tomorrow, but i don’t have a costume and need to get one quick and cheap and would appreciate some suggestions

    my main idea right now is hobo, a sheet for a ghost would be cool too but it would seem to be hard to maintain the believability of the ghost and consume alcohol at the same time

  3. I hope for my 11-month-old’s sake (going as Wicket the Ewok) that “ba-ba-ba-ba”, “mom-mom,” or “didda” will be acceptable alternatives.

  4. This is making me LOL. Tric o tri

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