It’s like you get to live inside of a horror movie for a few minutes with no real-life consequences other than the embarrassing video your awful friends later upload to the Internet in order to get precious “hits” which, you have to assume, we’ll for sure be able to take with us to the other side, whatever that may be, by the time we all die! Obviously don’t prank people, pranks are terrible and so rude, but if someone has a gun to your head and you have to pull off at least one epic prank before they let you live, make it be a prank on me, make it be around Halloweentime, and make it be SPOOKY! YES PUH-LEEZE! IF YOU MUST! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. there’s a ghost in here, and he hates these cups!

  2. Actors should study this guy to learn what true fear looks like. Though I think I would’ve just run away.

  3. Hate seeing pranks getting commercialized and watered down for the masses. It used to be different. It used to mean something.

  4. So it’s true that white people stick around much longer than they should when paranormal shit is going down. I guess the movies weren’t that far off then.

  5. Spring break of my sophomore year of college, some friends and I went to stay at an old farm house outside of Jackson Hole, WY belonging to the family of one of these friends.

    No one lived there, so the rooms were mostly empty. The nearest neighbors were miles away and because the ground was covered in snow, it was deadly quiet outside. The basement was unfinished–exposed beams, wood floors, no working lights. One of the rooms was filled to the ceiling with cords of fire wood and an axe. At night there were mice everywhere.

    Well, while some of the group was out getting food and beer, those of us left behind discovered a secret panel connecting the closet of the master bedroom (1st floor) with a pink room in the basement. This room was the only finished room down there, and what looked at first like a built-in bookshelf was actually–or at least also–a ladder leading up to the master’s. (My guess is that this was installed as a safety measure in case of a fire, since there were no windows leading outside in the room.)

    There was also an old television and some chairs shoved into a corner in this pink room.

    Naturally, those of us who had found it decided to have a little fun. Here was the plan: After it had got dark, one by one, we would excuse ourselves to use the restroom, sneak downstairs, turn the TV on and come back. After several minutes had passed someone would inevitably say, “Shh! What’s that?”

    We did this twice over the course of maybe 90 minutes. Everyone went into the basement together, freaked the fuck out a little bit and then returned to the kitchen. But the third person to go thought she would up the ante by turning the volume up VERY high and then sitting in one of the chairs in front of the TV, wrapped head to toe in a dark blanket.

    Maybe one or two folks were scared for an instant by her, but it was just too obvious too quickly that it was our friend and not a TV ghost. It was all for the better because one of the more religious friends was starting to get a liiiittle nervous about “demons” and I think we were feeling bad.

    That’s my scary prank story!

  6. Who the hell lives in their apartment like that?!

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