Brothers trailer, you guys.

Whoa. That movie looks like an intense, taut drama about the psychological effects of warfare, not just on combatants but on their families as well, with some Oscar-baiting performances from Maguire and Gyllenhaal, all under the expertly humanist eye of Jim Sheridan. But as YouTube points out, there is something even more important about this movie. It has the word “Brother” in the title.

Yes. Those are definitely related videos. Get it? RELATED VIDEOS?! Woof. (What are you going to do, shoot me? SHOOT ME! SHOOT ME! COME ON!)

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  1. Dave  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 +7

    That was draining.

  2. zombie bryan still can't sign in :(  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 +33

    For the longest time I thought Jake Gyllenhaal and Toby Maguire were the same person.


    Super Mario Brothers was SUCH A TERRIBLE FILM. Oh man.

    BLUES BROTHERS though. I would watch that SHIT all day. This movie looks SCRIPTED AND MANIPULATIVE TO A T, right down to that music playing over it. Is that the goddamned THE FRAY? Scrubs is upset. But it’s all gonna be okay CAUSE U2 IS HERE TO PICK THINGS UP AND SAVE THE DAY. Or whatever. I’m tired of films like these. When are we GONNA HAVE a modern war film that can TELL IT’S MESSAGE without pandering SELF-IMPORTANCE or the need to hammer it’s FUCKIN MESSAGE INTO YOUR SKULL.

    And yeah, I judged all of that FROM THE TRAILER. This looks as bad as Inglorious Bastards if only because it’s gonna take itself WAY TOO SERIOUSLY.

    • martin  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 +2

      c’mon! super mario brothers is hands down the best movie adaptation of a video game ever made!

  4. Yeah, you were dead last week, so I let your brother get it wet, and apparently shared the juicy details with your six year old daughter. CHEERS

  5. Definitely looks like some heavy handed bash you in the face family melodrama with a sneaky anti-Iraq war twist. Mostly Ugh. But they got me with the strategic use of a good U2 song from Unforgettable Fire (the best album IMO). Bastards!!! I still won’t see it though.

    • An American Patriot  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 +4

      OH DAMN finally someone who hasn’t drank THE JOSHUA TREE KOOL-AID. I mean, that albums is BADASS, but I could RAVE FOR DAYS about how Unforgettable Fire is UNFUCKINFORGETTABLE.

      • I’m witcha. I kinda tuned out on U2 after Joshua Tree really. They’ll still sneak a gem into an album from time to time but mostly it’s just a yawn for me.

        • I wanna go ahead and jump on this train with you guys. I think the problem is U2 is now full of musicians trying to sound like themselves. Bono tries to write and sing like Bono would sing; The Edge tries to play like The Edge would play, etc. Naturally, about once an album those elements can still align and somehow make a pretty good song, but on the whole, they just seem to knock against each other and fall flat. The guy really need to stretch out of their comfort zone and the music they’ve been rehashing for about the past 20 years.

      • Godsauce deserves better than Smurf Face  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2009 +2

        The Joshua Tree was fucking awesome! The Unforgettable Fire was very good. Don’t equate Joshua Tree love with tripping.

    • I am probably one of the biggest U2 fans in Jersey and I have to say that I am just not a fan of [or Briano Eno, for that matter. How can I be a U2 fan, then? I don't know! I deal with it!] That album has 2 of my favorite songs, Bad and MLK, but other than that it’s just a bunch of ideas. It’s too echoey and incoherent. This is the point where they were really starting to define their sound, but before they were able to consistently write good songs.
      The Joshua Tree on the other hand. Perfection. IMHO.

  6. Oh, brother.

  7. Zingers (is this going to be forever?)  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 +10

    I think the Academy frowns upon using The Fray in your trailer. I certainly hope it does. But seen as they now have about 37 nominations for Best Movie, YOU NEVER KNOW.

  8. The music in this trailer is insufferable. I don’t know what they could have used as heartfelt, down-home music otherwise but jfc.

  9. i was rolling my eyes until toby FLIPPED HIS SHIT at the end there… hopefully he kills everyone and pulls this thing out of the stinker.

  10. Ugah  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 +11

    So did he become a cyborg, or…?

  11. zach  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 +8

    Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Step Brothers, The Brothers Grimm, Undercover Brother, The Jonas Brothers 3D Movie, Brother Bear, The Brothers Solomon…okay I’m done.

  12. writer of ‘brothers’ goes in to pitch:
    writer: okay, okay, okay. So, it’s like, this film about how Iraq really screwed up a lot of people.
    producer: explain!
    writer: okay, so basically the idea is like, a guy dies in Iraq and then his brother, who’s been a useless twat all his life finally steps up and fills the daddy role in his family. There’s love, laughter, tears and gratification for the underdog in the shadows.
    producer: okay…
    writer: what? no good?
    producer: what if he’s not dead? the brother, I mean. what if he comes back from Iraq and finds out about everything?
    writer: and he’s happy that his brother was such a good guy?
    producer: no, he goes completely insane.
    writer: so… wait. is he still dead?
    producer: he’s a zombie who trashes his own kitchen and shoots a gun in the air on the font lawn.
    writer: that’s not really what I had in mind.
    producer hands over a bag of money.
    writer: I’ll see what I can do.

  13. Abalogariz still can't comment while signed in, I'm afraid.  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 +2

    If you’re after horrible, depressing, brilliant movies about war and PTSD that will make you want to kill yourself, I’d heartily recommend “Combat Shock”, from Troma Studios.

  14. I thought I was being taken on a journey of love, loss, and self-discovery, but it turns out I was being taken on a journey of AAAH and PUT THE GUN DOWN.

  15. i thought i was the only one with the signing in problem.
    Toby’s as skinny as that skinny guy from Road Trip.
    Can’t look at Natalie Portman without picturing slimy Sean Penn.

  16. Wow. I think that was a pretty expensive short film I just watched – Jake, Portman, Maguire! There was a solid 61 seconds of love and uncertainty before I found out both brothers are still alive. What an amazing amount of suspense for the second minute of this movie! I thought the ending could have used a bit more resolve though… I think I know what happens, but I guess I’ll just wait for the sequel.

  17. Astrid  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 +7

    Looks more like Pearl Harbor 2: Operation Iraqi Freedom to me, but without a token Cuba Gooding Jr part.

    • Seriously. Didn’t we already see this husband dies in war, so then less talented brother screws whorey wife, but husband isn’t really dead plot? I bet one of those kids at the dinner table is Gyllenhal’s and Toby is still asking if Natalie slept with him.

  18. Astrid  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 0


  19. This is actually a remake of a pretty-good Danish flick called “Brodre”. So I guess, in a way, it is pretty unoriginal.

  20. thenchrissysaid  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 0

    Jeez the Worst Mom Ever competition is steep. I don’t even know which is the worst anymore Natalie Portman in Brothers OR the “it’s not like you’re really black” mother from the “I look like a little black boy” video?? Let’s put it to a vote, America!

  21. this looks horrible  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 +5

    I love how it goes from family drama, to romance, to phsycho thriller all in one trailer!

  22. c  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 +2

    No spidey No!

  23. arielleann  |   Posted on Jul 6th, 2009 +2

    tobey maguire just needs movies in which to appear gaunt and ‘serious’, after being all nerdy and buff and idiotic in spidermans 1-3. nothing says ‘i am a serious actor’ quite like dropping 30 pounds. (or gaining, lol matt damon)

  24. A trailer is supposed to be a teaser you guys, not a two minute summary of everything interesting that will happen.
    Does anyone else feel bad for Jake Gyllenhaal? I haven’t seen him(or anyone of these actors I guess) in something in awhile and this is his new movie. Yikes.

  25. Gary Bang  |   Posted on Jul 7th, 2009 -1

    I don’t think it looks that bad.

    Don’t you all ever get sick of each other?

  26. It’s like Spiderman 3 all over again. Tobey Maguire is bad kthxbai.

  27. >:[

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