Oh, god, another big superhero movie trailer. CAN’T VINCENT GALLO JUST MAKE ANOTHER DARK ROMANTIC COMEDY SO I CAN WRITE ABOUT A TRAILER I UNDERSTAND?! Oh, brother. Okay. Well. Here we go! X-Men: Days of Future Past! Superheroes at a bar talking about how the future once seemed so bright, but now the bright future they once saw ahead of them is just a dark memory of the past? I don’t know, let’s see!

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Oh right, Jennifer Lawrence! Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen Page, MY GIRLS! There are a lot of good people in this movie, I bet it is going to be enjoyable for those of you who enjoy X-Men. I at least hope it will.

Labor Day

Kate Winslet should see a therapist and they should get Josh Brolin to jail! And she should teach her kid not to talk to strangers in the grocery store! Guys! WISE UP! This movie looks like it is going to be beautiful. I don’t know if I’m going to like it particularly — I sometimes like Jason Reitman a lot, but also sometimes I don’t — but it seems like it will at the very least be an eye treat.

The LEGO Movie

What? #2013

Open Grave

Oh jesus! “It’s like Lost, except with so many more dead bodies, and so scary and disgusting, and directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego, the director of Apollo 18.” Is this just going to be a zombie movie? It looks like it could be good, and maybe looks like I might want to see it, but it also looks like the thing that it isn’t revealing in the trailer could be that it is a zombie movie. Which I would not appreciate!

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  1. LEGO movie looks a little too intense for me. I’ll stick with The Duplo Movie, thanks.

    • The Duplo Movie is easier to see ahead of you and avoid when you’re just trying to walk around in the middle of the night and not absolutely destroy yourself in pain.

  2. Hey, want to be even more annoyed my X-Men: Days of Future past? In the comics, Kitty Pryde is the main character of that storyline, and Wolverine has a sidekick/guardian role. Can you guess whether or not they switched that around for the movie, so the dude is the lead and the young woman is regulated to helper/cheerleader? Go ahead, guess!

  3. Admittedly, I watched the Labor Day trailer with the volume very low, but it made me VERY unhappy. Is she going to fall in love with her kidnapper? No. No, I do not like that.
    Also, for some reason, seeing that Lego man laugh made me very uncomfortable. Is he insane? Why was he bouncing around laughing so much??

  4. Remember how I said I was tired of superhero movies? Well X-men doesn’t count. Because holy crap that looks great.

    Also, you forgot the Sherman and Peabody trailer, which I won’t even link to because it’s a bastard of what the cartoon was.

    • Is it really that bad looking? Because I recently rewatched the Rocky & Bullwinkle movie that had Jason Alexander and the Goodburger dudes in it, and I really enjoyed it!

      • Yeah, rocky and bullwinkle was great! This just looks, ew. They made Peabody Shermon’s dad, which makes no sense. And there’s a girl that Sherman likes, because there always has to be a love story even with children.

  5. Bit of a thread derail, but the best Halloween costume I saw last night was a guy with a badge saying his name is John. His real name is Travis.

  6. Confession: Will Arnett’s Lego Batman voice made me LOL.

  7. I found out I might need to move for work this morning (not far, but a wrench in my plans nontheless) so James McAvoy here on Videogum really takes the sting away. Thanks Kelly! Thanks dirty hippie Xavier!

  8. Here is where I make up equally dumb phrases for superhero movies that attempt to sound deep and mysterious. It will be hard to live up to “Days of Future Past” or “Turn Off the Dark” (I know that second one is for a play, but STILL):

    Superman: Not Which Way Above
    Batman: Black Without Tides to Bring
    The Hulk: Once Power Might Be
    The Flash: Into Our Outside of Us
    Iron Man: Trust that Deep in Time

  9. I’m completely sold on a movie where Andy Dwyer and Batman fumble into saving the world.

  10. It’s the end of a trilogy y’all!

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