I just thought this was delightful. (Via TheHighDefinite.)

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  1. That was delightful.

  2. It IS delightful!

  3. There WILL be delightful.

  4. I have a new plan for happiness in life. Get a stuffed tiger. Go completely insane and halucinate it coming to life as Hobbes because I don’t see how his presence would fail to make anyone happy.

  5. The world need Calvin and Hobbes more than ever!

  6. I liked it when they bumped butts.

  7. I love this very much. I watched it yesterday and teared up a little. Calvin & Hobbes is probably the pop culture artifact that most dominated and shaped my childhood.

  8. I am very surprised this still exists on the internet, but it makes me very happy that it does.

  9. This makes me want to write more Calvin and Hobbes fan fiction.

  10. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I’m going to say it: it grosses me out a little to see them moving.

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