• Another day, another Wes Anderson-themed art show somewhere in California. -/Film
  • A sloth television show is coming to television. Are sloths going to play the ladies in the upcoming Charmed remake?! I don’t know, that would be perfect, click to find out! -Vulture
  • Here is a story that may or may not be true about Adrien Grenier asking for free shots at a bar in St. Louis and then asking women to buy him shots when he couldn’t get the free shots he asked for originally. OH YEA-AHH. -FilmDrunk
  • Meryl Streep hooked up with Jack Nicholson a bunch of years ago. Try to slip that little fact in when your friends are all gossiping about each other and you don’t have any relevant gossip to share. -Dlisted
  • A man who won The Price Is Right recently did some perfect, very cool air guitar to express his joy. Not even sure why we’re talking about it? Sometimes people just talk about things because they’re jealous, I guess. -DeathAndTaxes
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  1. People need to stop doing this to Wes Anderson. I like Wes Anderson movies! Don’t make me hate him because I get annoyed by your obsessions, nerds! You already ruined the Whedon for me!

  2. He’s doing two handed harmony tapping and Pete Townsend windmillling. C’mon, Death and Taxes, step up your dad rock game.

    • I went for the air guitar and stayed for the Aaron Paul.

    • Yeah I saw the harmonic hammering thing he was doing when his name first got called and thought that this dude is not all that awkward, he just likes shitty music. Also I kind of feel like he was being weird on purpose just to try and get called down, like those people who are clearly being ridiculous on American Idol just to get on the “goons getting kicked off” portions they do at the beginning of each season. Which, kudos, I guess.

  3. I will watch a sloth Charmed remake.

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