Out of respect for the dead (both of them), we haven’t been keeping up with the Entourage movie lately. (Also because I don’t know anything about Entourage and also I don’t care about it.) (OH YEAAH!) But I have been keeping up with it privately, which is my own business and you should stay out of a woman’s personal business, and for a while there it looked like it might not happen at all! Adrian Grenier even posted a note to Twitter explaining that he takes his role as Vince “on the show and off” very seriously (right, we know) and that his boys aren’t doing it for the money (hahahah), but that he just wants to see all of his boys get a lot more money, and if they don’t get a lot more money then they won’t do the movie. He also included that you could ask him questions using the hashtag #entourageboysshare (right) and he’d answer them, but then failed to really answer anyone’s questions, including mine. But, so, it seemed rocky for a bit. Would the boys get the money that the boys didn’t care about but also wanted?! Would the boys just do the movie for the amount of money they were already offered because, come on, boys? YES! ONE OF THOSE, IT’S HARD TO SAY WHICH! As you can see, Doug Ellin confirmed on Twitter last night that the movie is officially #ON. OH YEEAAAHH! Now all we have to do is cover ourselves in blankets, get enough snacks, cocaine, weed, and, I don’t know, watches?, I don’t know a whole lot about Entourage, to keep ourselves alive for the next few months, and wait patiently for the one true film. Thanks, Doug Ellin! Thanks, Hollywood god! #ENTOURAGEBOYSSHARE

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  1. That hashtag is just ripe for completion.

  2. I guess this means I have to wait even longer for a Drive Me Crazy sequel.

  3. And once again, Hollywood totally has its finger on the pulse of what the film-going public really wants.

  4. Get busy Piven or get busy dying…..there ain’t nothing in-between.

  5. Remember when Piven did much better stuff like this clip in Lucas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I79NEcu8ux8

  6. Gonna start polishing my sneakers now for the premier!

  7. the av club article reporting this news also included the script to scenes from the entourage movie and i couldn’t recommend it more


    it’s tbs very funny

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