• “Going over the scene… Fine-tuning… the quiet before the storm.” Vin Diesel and Jason Statham shared a glass of wine this weekend! -FilmDrunk
  • Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are having a baaaabbbyyyy! I had a dream last night that I found a mini panda and its voice sounded like Tom Hanks, but he made it clear that it wasn’t the real Tom Hanks! They just sounded similar! Seems like everything is pretty good for everybody! -Dlisted
  • “A guide to the fascinating stars of Tod Browning’s Freaks.” “ONE OF US! ONE OF US!” (That’s other blog posts welcoming this blog post onto the Internet.) -DeathAndTaxes
  • There is apparently a new cable channel called Fusion, and apparently there is going to be a puppet talk show on that channel, and apparently Paul F. Tompkins is going to be involved with the puppet talk show in some way! -Splitsider
  • I got a 10/10 on this Friends quiz, no doy. CAN YOU? -Vulture
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  1. Who’s Paul F. Thompkins?

  2. Some Zinfandel for the Vinfand(ies)el.

  3. I am ashamed to say that I only got 8/10 on the Friends quiz :(

  4. Hey guys, you may not care about this information, but in case you do: I had a lunch meeting today that included a delicious lunch AND a cookie.
    Here are the facts about the cookie:
    1. I have not eaten it yet.
    2. It is peanut butter flavored
    3. It is not as large as the previous cookie from lunch (not the same catering thing)
    4. I’m considering eating it around 3:30-4pm to break up the afternoon but I might also take it home and share it with Mr. Truck.
    5. There were also cupcakes at this lunch but I didn’t get a cupcake because of this cookie
    6. Which is to say, “It better be GOOD!”

  5. OMG, NPR will not shut up about Fusion!

  6. Yeah ABC is all into Fusion on their news/GMA dealies, but I still have no idea what channel it’s on.

  7. I got 4/10 right on Friends!

  8. CBS wants to remake Charmed. What the hell is even going on right now? How many supernatural love stories are on my DVR each week? 9? Who will play the Julian McMahon role? I hope the hot brother from Witches of East End.

    Also: Dracula is a really silly show. It’s not as good as Sleepy Hollow but if they switched the guy from The Tudors with the handsome brother from Witches of East End, it could be almost as good as Sleepy Hollow (though too white and not as good-looking… but close).

    In conclusion, the former male model who is now in Lifetime’s Witches of East End should be in all shows except Sleepy Hollow (unless he plays Ichabod’s handsome brother) to make those shows more fun to watch.

    • That is a very large picture. Sorry. (Not really, he is very handsome and look at how he could be related to Icky!)

    • No one can ever act as stale as Shannon Dougherty on that.

      • I liked that every show hit the “someone dies” or “someone is trapped in a different dimension and dies” apex at the :45 mark and you’d have to spend the commercial break wondering just HOW they were going to use the power or three to undo this mess. It was an odd comfort to me. Plus the man candy on that show was delightful. I loved Billy Zane on that show.

        Also: that blonde girl from the nerds ‘n hot chicks comedy on CBS as the random interloper jerk was way more stale than Shannon. I just realized that is why I have always disliked that actress — she ruined the last season of my favorite trashy TV show. Also: Shannon tried to get Alyssa kicked off the show because she got 3xs the fan mail, but it backfired and got her booted for Rose McGowan. Also: Shannon nailed Julian McMahon in real life and it was part of the cause of his divorce from Brooke Burke. Also: I used to write about this show in my old life, in addition to being a fan, so it was literally my job to know weird stuff about Charmed… now it’s more like a hobby.

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