And the spooky wrecked ship is Monday, no duh. But hey, Monday’s not so bad! Sure it’s a terrifying reminder of the fragility of life, but at least it’s not a non-wrecked ship! You would have been dead if it were! So. Uhh. Be grateful for all of the shipwrecks you meet? Stay awake on Monday, or else…I don’t know what? Don’t fall asleep on a Monday boat? I don’t know. #monday #monday #monday #monday (Via Arbroath.)

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  1. and this cat…

  2. Or “ship of terrifying nightmares.” Same diff.

  3. The reaction that guy had was priceless. I loved it.

    Also, this Monday morning is a-ok because i get free breakfast! The one benefit of having clients in the office. om nom nom (that was me eating breakfast, not clients)

  4. HOLY SHIP! (I couldn’t resist)

  5. Fishermen pranks are the best. I think that guy did a quadruple take.

  6. “I’ll never let you nap, Jack.” -Rose

  7. What was all their reacting about? Had the napping guy recently been tricked into buying a ship “out there, we’ll take you to it as soon as you pay,” and the laughing guy was the guy who sold it to him?

    Foreigners are crazy, they will sell you a goddamn shipwreck and never say a word anyone can understand.

  8. He makes a good point, though. Probably.

  9. I speak a little Russian, so I’ll translate what I understood about what the guy was saying, “What the hell? Where am I? What happened to that boat? Why am I not in my dorm room? Is this even Connecticut? Why am I talking all funny? Guys? Why are you laughing? Wait, am I a man now too? How did you even do this? This is an awfully elaborate prank. Why are you doing this to me?”

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