So, what’s the end of the story? He’s dead, right? You’re both dead? Someone found the camera after it washed up on the shore, and the video that remains serves to warn the rest of us to never go in the water ever again? Cool. Great. GOOD MORNING! #friday (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. Or MAYBE sharks just don’t take too kindly to Grill thieves in these here parts

  2. Surfers with cameras are the ocean’s peeping toms. Stop voyeuring that shark, creepo!

  3. If there’s a dolphin around you’re safe. Or that’s what I always though. They beat the shit out of sharks. So the end of the story goes like this for me: shark tries to attack surfer because he looks like a seal on his board. Dolphin sees this and then runs over and beats the shark up. Then he is the big spoon for the guy as he cries and shakes in fear about how he almost died.

    • I thought the exact opposite would happen as there is only one dolphin. lone GW shark > lone dolphin > any number of surfers > plankton #circleoflife

      • I think you may be right. It’s maybe that schools of dolphins attack a shark. However, this dolphin looked tough. I want to spoon with a dolphin.

        • Dolphins. The vigilantes of the ocean. And of reassuring spooning.

        • I feel like the guy is more likely to jump on the dolphin and risk both their lives. I just hope the dolphin made it out okay, went to happy hour, and regaled his dolphin pod friends of his near death experience.

          • “So I’m just out on a normal Tuesday morning, eating some herring and thinking about doing some jumps or whatever, and I see these two of those land idiots floating around on those stupid boards, only this time they have like a shiny rock and a big metal bucket or something. Stupid, but normal human stupid, right? Except literally 2 feet under these geniuses is one of those huge mindless eating machine fish, just staring at them. These two are basically stuffing themselves into the thing. So I zip over there and tell the big fish to fuck off while the two clowns just keep doing their seal imitations like it aint no thing. How the fuck do those things survive?”

          • I’m going to start refering to people as “land idiots” from here on out.

  4. Warning: do not watch this video if you are hungover or otherwise feeling more inclined to vom than usual.

  5. What was the thing at the end??? Was that a seal or a dolphin or a small whale? Also, why do they assume we know what “Stealing a Man’s Grill” even is?

  6. Why is the man doing flips in the water? How did he get so far away from shore swimming this way?

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