Awww. Keep running, you sweet, tiny stick figure! It looks best when you run! (Thanks for the tip, Jonathan!)

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  1. Brilliant.

    • (This comment was brought to you by a very frazzled catweazle who is working too hard at her dumb job to be able to think of clever things to say about cute babies that are also somewhat terrifying)

  2. That’s pretty great, though I’d still be worried about the prospect of having my kid run down a dark alley like that.

    • Actually, I really want that suit for any of my dark alley adventures. I feel like it would scare off Dementors.

      Scratch that, I don’t just want the suit, I want the baby as well. Can she be my patronus?

    • This is the benefit of Facetaquito’s stop sign costume. He can run into alleys or even in the middle of the street, and he won’t get run over!

  3. You know, I know we always insist that the garbage on the internet is useless and shouldn’t be there, but when something actually brilliant and wonderful and special like this comes along, the only thing I can think of to say is “HI I LIKE YOU LIGHT-UP STICK BABY COME LIVE WITH ME!” and nobody wants to hear that.

  4. Everyone thinks it’s cute until they realize it’s phase 1 of a hangman costume.

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