Hey, remember how earlier this week we had a Videogum Movie Club about The Fifth Estate and literally no one else saw it? Hahahahah. Not ONE comment was to say that he or she had seen the movie and had an opinion about it. I wish you guys would have let me in on the secret that I was the only dumb-dumb going to see that movie last weekend. I would have seen something else! Or, more likely, I would have stayed home in my bed, dreaming of a world in which I am not complicit in a prank AGAINST MYSELF. Anyway, let’s take a GIF look back at that part of our week that only I experienced, and also some other parts!

Ryan Reynolds got barfed on!

No one saw The Fifth Estate other than me!

A billionaire paid Guy Fieri $100,000 to be his friend for a day!

Tim Burton might direct Beetlejuice 2!

A ghost was VERY CLEARLY caught on video in a Pizza Hut bathroom!

We all watched Hausu together, as a family!

And, finally, we all watched comedy on TV!

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  1. Kelly, you got Kelly’d.

  2. I’m seeing it tonight with Artdork, so if one on you guys wants to invent a time machine, she and I would be happy to go back and participate in that thread. (But also I don’t want to relive this week, so please don’t invent a time machine.)

  3. Given all the love that the Cumberguy gets from many of the folks around here, it is weird that no one went to see his movie. I guess the Assange character is kind of off-putting? And it’s Halloween so who cares about America and spying, it’s GHOST TIME now, save that crap for 4th of July?

    Yes, that’s probably it. Fifth Estate would have been a lot more successful as a 4th of July movie. Hand me my Marketing Oscar now please.

  4. Off topic, but is today crawling for anyone else? Today is crawling.

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