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Did you guys watch VH1′s TLC biopic CrazySexyCool last night? You should have. It wasn’t great, but it was KIND OF great. It hardly even mattered that at the end it just kind of segued into an ad for TLC’s recently released greatest hits album, and you’re like, wait, did I just watch a really long commercial? One of the best two-hour commercials I’ve ever seen! Really the best part about it was — well, the first best part about it was imagining how fun it would be to be cast as a member of TLC in a TLC biopic, but the second best part of it was how watching it directly leads to you searching for all of the clips that they recreated, and then listening to TLC on Spotify all of the next day. Everyone should listen to more TLC. I’M JUST SAYING FACTS. Oh, but I bring it up because, did someone not tell Johnny Depp that the beautiful Drew Sidora has already been cast in the role of T-Boz? And, like, the movie has already been released? And, even if it hadn’t been, that his T-Boz hair needs a lot of work? I mean, not so much that I can’t see where he was going with it – early-TLC T-Boz — but still? DID ANYONE TELL HIM THAT?! Poor Johnny Depp. What about your friends, girl. Why don’t you caption him and cheer him up?! (Full-size haircut photo after the jump.)

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and a special secret about Johnny Depp that will be delivered to him or her in a dream. (Photo via Dlisted.)

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  1. Quick, somebody photoshop the Bieber haircut on him.

    No, wait, somebody photoshop THIS haircut on Bieber!

    No no no, wait wait wait.

    DO BOTH.

  2. He looks like a Creep .#CrazySexyCool

  3. Hello my name is Johnny and I’ll be trying out for the part of George McFly, um sir that movie came out almost 30 years, ah carry on sir

  4. I had that same hair style! I used this:

  5. What’s Eating Johnny Depp? (his air because it’s obviously a haunted toupee)

  6. Hoping to be confused for Bennedict Cumberbatch. #TheNewDepp

  7. Edward Scissorhead

  8. ” I went to go check out the new Johnny Depp at Madame Tussauds. I think they got the hair wrong.”

  9. Javier Bardem said it would work for me too, someone’s getting an angry email

  10. More like ‘Edward Dye-Brush-and-Plastic-Gloved-Hands’

  11. Blondie Brasco.

  12. Looks like somebody wants in on that sweet Fifth Estate action.

  13. Everybody on Twitter was like “MY LOINS HAVE SHRIVELED AND DIED, THIS IS THE END, FAREWELL MY SISTERS!” but can we all just agree that Johnny Depp has been pretty gnarly looking for a while now and this is not really that big a downgrade lookswise?

  14. i only caught a little bit of crazysexycool, and it was delightful, but my favorite feature-length commercial is still the stephen colbert christmas special that ended up being a commercial for the dvd of itself.

  15. “Don’t go chasing new haircuts, please stick to the color and the cut that you’re used to.”

  16. “I think you’re highlighting too fast…”

    • Well this post took many hours to show up… not sure why it was immediate as a comment reply with an image hosted on imageshack, but seemingly needed moderator approval (or some other weird time delay?) as a post with an image hosted on imgur.

      I humbly submit my apologies.

  17. is that the macklemore ?

  18. “He gives him hairdos that poor Johnny can’t handle, but all he can say is, “highlights look good on me…”

  19. johnny depp or kevin spacey’s wife from house of cards? videogum reports you decide

  20. img src=””

    Clearly, Christopher Lee needs to stop moonlighting as a hairdresser.


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