• Walter White Halloween pumpkin, obviously. -LaughingSquid
  • Hey, remember when the old lady spilled McDonald’s coffee on herself and sued McDonald’s and won? Of course you do. EVERYONE STILL TALKS ABOUT IT. A new RetroReport video from the New York Times also talks about it, and why everyone else is so wrong when they talk about it. -NYTimes
  • Oh brother. Rashida Jones called out young celebrities for being “whores” on Twitter, which is not ever a good call, even if you are Rashida Jones, and even if you probably have the right idea in ur heart. Get celebrities off of Twitter! Cancel Twitter! -Dlisted
  • Ben Kingsly is working on a secret Marvel project. Is it a surprise party for somebody!? Click to speculate! -FilmDrunk
  • The Wolf of Wall Street is back to planning on a 2013 Christmas release, pushing Jack Ryan into 2014. Can you even believe that it’s going to be 2014? -/Film
  • And finally: new Bestie x Bestie! -FunnyOrDie
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  1. Oh, that’s a Walter White pumpkin? I thought it was a Constipated Gandalf pumpkin.

  2. I believe we’re referring to Jack Ryan, but there are an awful lot of Jacks out there.

  3. Can you all see the face on this pumpkin?

  4. It’s Bob Odenkirk’s Birthday!

    This is the first thing that came up when I googled Bob Odenkirk blingee, and I hope one of you made it:

  5. No joke, the Mcdonald’s lawsuit doc is very interesting. Yikes to McDonald’s serving coffee so hot and being jerks.

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